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12/06/1976Decision expected on Stewart's appeal 1  FACULTY (TENURE)
01/20/1977Academic freedom doesn't affect tenure 2  FACULTY (TENURE)
02/13/1973Op.Ed: Two more profs denied tenure 6  FACULTY (TENURE)
12/05/1990Majority UNC faculty earn tenure status 1  FACULTY (TENURE)
12/04/1992Editorial: A final appeal 8  FACULTY (TENURE)
09/22/1973Conference held on tenure issue 1  FACULTY (TENURE)
04/22/1981Tenure policy 6  FACULTY (TENURE)
11/10/1992Students fighting for UNC speech professor 1  FACULTY (TENURE)
12/09/1992Ferguson to file appeal by Friday; BOT mum 1  FACULTY (TENURE)
12/05/1979Tenure...individual merit (letter) 6  FACULTY (TENURE)
02/20/1973Puzzled by tenure decisions? 1  FACULTY (TENURE)
08/27/ to overturn tenure denial 3A  FACULTY (TENURE)
01/20/1977Editorial: Stewart case--are tenure... 6  FACULTY (TENURE)
12/03/1976Prof Stewart to present appeal to Dean 1  FACULTY (TENURE)
02/20/1973Tenure rules may change/BOG policy due 1  FACULTY (TENURE)
11/11/1992Students embroiled in professors' fights 1  FACULTY (TENURE)
01/20/1977Stewart's fight for tenure continues... 1  FACULTY (TENURE)
12/10/1992Professors' letter seeks tenure policy review 1  FACULTY (TENURE)
12/03/1979Tenure process & students (letter) 6  FACULTY (TENURE)
03/08/1973Tenure problem plagues young profs 8  FACULTY (TENURE)
12/10/1992Tenure debate requires asking right questions (letter) 10  FACULTY (TENURE)
12/03/1976Witholding tenure--a denial. . .(letter) 10  FACULTY (TENURE)
02/24/1975Professors worried about tenure changes 1  FACULTY (TENURE)
12/04/1992University tenure policy needs. . . balanced (letter) 8  FACULTY (TENURE)
06/19/1975BOG decides tenure action 1  FACULTY (TENURE)
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