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10/23/1997Paying for priorities 1  FACULTY RESEARCH
10/22/1997Editorial: In praise of research 12  FACULTY RESEARCH
09/05/20036 schools to fight diseases 1  FACULTY RESEARCH
12/04/2003Study highlights health disparities 4  FACULTY RESEARCH
02/09/2004UNC scientists identify key gene 5  FACULTY RESEARCH
04/21/2004On the cutting edge 1  FACULTY RESEARCH
...Faculty seek to streamline paper trail 1  FACULTY RESEARCH
04/22/2004A success story 1  FACULTY RESEARCH
...UNC plans to give cash to ventures 1  FACULTY RESEARCH
08/24/2004UNC's research receipts see jump 3  FACULTY RESEARCH
11/18/2004Officials hope to boost ties with research 1  FACULTY RESEARCH
09/15/2010Funding grows during economic troubles 1  FACULTY RESEARCH
02/06/2012New study may lead to male birth control 4  FACULTY RESEARCH
01/21/2010Licensing change could benefit researchers 11  FACULTY RESEARCH
02/14/2012UNC professors help to co-author illness report 3  FACULTY RESEARCH
03/12/2012New HIV study targets latency 8  FACULTY RESEARCH
03/21/2012Faculty may use open access 9  FACULTY RESEARCH
04/02/2012UNC study shows effects of zero-calorie soda on health 3e  FACULTY RESEARCH
10/30/1929Science school receives grant - Rockefeller Foundation 1  FACULTY RESEARCH
04/19/2012UNC professor wins Guggenheim 3  FACULTY RESEARCH
09/10/2012Research funding a priority for UNC 3  FACULTY RESEARCH
09/14/2012UNC professors launch research study for treatment of life-threatening infections 3  FACULTY RESEARCH
02/01/2013UNC professor awarded grant to create mobile application 3  FACULTY RESEARCH
09/11/2013Professor reacts to criticism of her paper 1  FACULTY RESEARCH
03/18/2008UNC researchers finds sugarless gum makes you go 3  FACULTY RESEARCH
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