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11/10/1993OpEd: A chance at cooperation 10  FACULTY COUNCIL
12/04/1975Faculty proposals may be examined 3  FACULTY COUNCIL
08/19/1991Faculty Council reforms pass/fail with P/D/F 1  FACULTY COUNCIL
01/22/1990Faculty give nod to athletics reforms 1  FACULTY COUNCIL
04/21/1993Editorial: Learning from others 12  FACULTY COUNCIL
01/19/1979Faculty to look at Honor Code education 3  FACULTY COUNCIL
04/22/1985Kennedy elected Faculty Council chair 1  FACULTY COUNCIL
11/30/1987Plans improvements in student aid 1  FACULTY COUNCIL
04/27/1998Faculty shows favor for cultural diversity 1  FACULTY COUNCIL
11/18/1985Faculty council to ask for divestment 2  FACULTY COUNCIL
09/10/1971Legislative action tops agenda 1  FACULTY COUNCIL
01/24/1977Council denies black-recruiting post 1  FACULTY COUNCIL
03/30/1998Council restricts evaluation's use 1  FACULTY COUNCIL
09/21/1985Writing to be stressed 1  FACULTY COUNCIL
03/27/2001Faculty OK trimming fat from UNC calendar 1  FACULTY COUNCIL
01/18/1989Council suggests guidelines, merit pay 1  FACULTY COUNCIL
04/26/1976Editorial: Another bungled effort (drop) 8  FACULTY COUNCIL
11/21/1988UNC officials & freedom to dissent 1  FACULTY COUNCIL
04/18/1977Decision. . .drop period canned till fall 1  FACULTY COUNCIL
03/19/1984Experimental dorm floor recommended 1  FACULTY COUNCIL
11/11/1998Editorial: Journal Jeopardy 12  FACULTY COUNCIL
01/11/1971Editorial: Faculty resolution should. . . 4  FACULTY COUNCIL
03/25/1974Faculty delays reform issue 1  FACULTY COUNCIL
10/14/2002Council Discusses Faculty Salaries 5  FACULTY COUNCIL
04/27/1994Professor steps down from search committee 1  FACULTY COUNCIL
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