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06/09/1994Editorial: : Faculty Should Lobby for Raise 8  FACULTY (SALARY)
09/02/1972Salary scale for faculty ranks fourth 1  FACULTY (SALARY)
06/05/2003Report disclaims inequities 1  FACULTY (SALARY)
11/14/2003Letter: Faculty didn't recieve pay increae as article claimed 8  FACULTY (SALARY)
10/27/2003Editorial: Money well spent 9  FACULTY (SALARY)
11/01/2010University considers pay raises for facutly 1  FACULTY (SALARY)
03/02/2011Private schools afford raises 5  FACULTY (SALARY)
10/25/2011Faculty no longer have to submit offer letters 7  FACULTY (SALARY)
11/13/2009Tuition affects faculty quality 1  FACULTY (SALARY)
12/09/1962Faculty pay raises said likely 3  FACULTY (SALARY)
12/11/1962Ed: Faculty pay hikes... Necessarily, hopefully 2  FACULTY (SALARY)
08/24/2012State can't fund some professors 1  FACULTY (SALARY)
03/31/1963Promise Of Raise Keeps CU Profs Here-Friday 1  FACULTY (SALARY)
01/24/2013Ed: Make it rain faculty 12  FACULTY (SALARY)
09/10/2008Ed: Top dollars, top teachers 10  FACULTY (SALARY)
10/10/2008Ed: Raises are a good start 10  FACULTY (SALARY)
03/10/2014Salaries for UNC football trail ACC 1  FACULTY (SALARY)
01/17/2003Editorial: Erasing the gender divide 8  FACULTY SALARY
10/15/2002UNC Still Has Say in Who Gets Raises 1  FACULTY SALARY
11/02/1995Faculty Salary Forum Scheduled for Today 3  FACULTY SALARY
10/14/2002BOG Prevents Salary Boosts For Faculty 1  FACULTY SALARY
01/22/2002UNC faculty council questions allocation of tuition revenue 1  FACULTY SALARY
03/23/2000Leaders to tackle faculty pay plan 3  FACULTY SALARY
06/05/2003Report disclaims inequities 1  FACULTY SALARY
11/14/2003Letter: Faculty didn't recieve pay increae as article claimed 8  FACULTY SALARY
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