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01/26/1994New program 'bridges' gap for female UNC faculty 3  FACULTY, WOMEN
02/17/1995Increase in women, minority faculty explored 1  FACULTY, WOMEN
03/07/1974Editorial: Promotions biased (Action) 6  FACULTY, WOMEN
08/28/1978Court favors UNC in Smith suit 1  FACULTY, WOMEN
08/22/1991Stone's death marks loss of black leader 1  FACULTY, WOMEN
10/30/1991Status improving for female faculty 1  FACULTY, WOMEN
10/27/1976Survey reveals women faculty discontent... 1  FACULTY, WOMEN
10/22/1976Editorial: UNC's numbers game 8  FACULTY, WOMEN
10/26/1976EEOC report, UNC plan differ 1  FACULTY, WOMEN
10/20/1976EEOC sets meeting, Asst. Attorney Gen. 1  FACULTY, WOMEN
06/17/1993Editorial: Before hitting rock bottom 8  FACULTY, WOMEN
12/10/1992Business school best in number of female profs 3  FACULTY, WOMEN
03/29/1973Op.Ed: UNC treats women poorly 8  FACULTY, WOMEN
03/22/1973Faculty reports UNC bias against women 1  FACULTY, WOMEN
10/28/1976Women: Little effects Affirmative Action 1  FACULTY, WOMEN
08/29/1972Women trail faculty hiring, coeds rise 2  FACULTY, WOMEN
09/20/1972Women's role the issue 1  FACULTY, WOMEN
11/03/1994Speakers point out progress, look to future of women at the university 3  FACULTY, WOMEN
10/19/1992Report: Fewer women hired for faculty in 1991 1  FACULTY, WOMEN
11/05/1976EEOC confers with University 1  FACULTY, WOMEN
01/21/1994Editorial: Pathetic percentage 8  FACULTY, WOMEN
01/18/1994Women professors lag behind 1  FACULTY, WOMEN
10/22/1976Women's group posts bill of particulars.. 1  FACULTY, WOMEN
10/19/1976UNC charged with sex discrimination 1  FACULTY, WOMEN
10/21/1974Faculty increases in blacks, women 1  FACULTY, WOMEN
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