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06/22/1995Muslim professor appeals tenure denial to trustees 1  FACULTY, UNC
11/26/1996UNC creates position for wife of star faculty 1  FACULTY, UNC
10/29/1996REPORT: Female faculty not facing glass ceiling 1  FACULTY, UNC
03/05/1999Surve Gauges Faculty Diversity 3  FACULTY, UNC
08/23/1996The King and I 1  FACULTY, UNC
10/28/1996UNC professors lean toward political left 1  FACULTY, UNC
10/10/1996Alumnus, actor Grizzard named visiting professor 3  FACULTY, UNC
08/27/2002Faculty Voice Looks Ahead to Loud Year 1  FACULTY, UNC
01/13/1997Editorial: [On the bus] 8  FACULTY, UNC
04/17/2000UNC faculty praise Moeser's experience. . . 7  FACULTY, UNC
11/16/2001E-mail survey shows faculty split over Qatari campus 1  FACULTY, UNC
11/09/2001No plans to address UNC salary gap 1  FACULTY, UNC
08/01/2004Reed leads computing Renaissance 3  FACULTY, UNC
11/22/1894A New Publication: By Dr. H. V. Wilson 2  FACULTY, UNC
02/07/1895On Professors: A Study in Natural History 1  FACULTY, UNC
10/06/2003Council mulls plans for retaining faculty 2  FACULTY, UNC
09/30/2003Op. Ed.: Setting Priorities 10  FACULTY, UNC
12/15/195911 Faculty Members Write Articles For Encyclopedia 1  FACULTY, UNC
01/14/1960University Has 2 New Teachers 1  FACULTY, UNC
04/02/1970UNC Geologists Attending Meet 5  FACULTY, UNC
05/07/1970Faculty Must Join In Strike 2  FACULTY, UNC
01/04/1961Attractive Offers Could Lure Faculty From Carolina 1  FACULTY, UNC
02/16/1961The UNC Faculty Speaks Out While The Students Are Silent 2  FACULTY, UNC
03/17/1961Five Professors Resign From UNC 1  FACULTY, UNC
04/26/1961UNC Professor Publishes Book 1  FACULTY, UNC
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