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10/20/1971Report: Faculty Athletic Committee (Text) 6+  FACULTY ATHLETIC COMMITTEE (ATHLETIC COMMITTEE)
10/15/1971Editorial:'No comment' will not suffice 8  FACULTY ATHLETIC COMMITTEE (ATHLETIC COMMITTEE)
10/20/1971Editorial: Situation warrants printing 10  FACULTY ATHLETIC COMMITTEE (ATHLETIC COMMITTEE)
09/03/1992New phone plan comes under fire 1  FACULTY ATHLETIC COMMITTEE (ATHLETIC COMMITTEE)
10/06/2010Faculty talk athletic stigma - Express concern with public image 1  FACULTY ATHLETIC COMMITTEE (ATHLETIC COMMITTEE)
02/20/2012Faculty members urge UNC to review athletics 3  FACULTY ATHLETIC COMMITTEE (ATHLETIC COMMITTEE)
11/13/1962Trustees defeat plan for athletic committees 1  FACULTY ATHLETIC COMMITTEE (ATHLETIC COMMITTEE)
09/10/2012Faculty discuss preventing scandal 1  FACULTY ATHLETIC COMMITTEE (ATHLETIC COMMITTEE)
03/11/2014Faculty talk resources for athletes 6  FACULTY ATHLETIC COMMITTEE (ATHLETIC COMMITTEE)
03/20/2014Athletic Committee meets at Folt's house 1  FACULTY ATHLETIC COMMITTEE (ATHLETIC COMMITTEE)
03/25/1992Editorial: Audit encroaches on professors' duties 8  AUDIT, FACULTY
03/29/1993Popular professor to leave UNC 1  BLACK FACULTY
02/26/1997Chancellor should strengthen black faculty with dean pick 12  BLACK FACULTY
01/08/1969Faculty Committee Grossly Negligent In Not Citing Need For Black Profs 2  BLACK FACULTY
12/01/2010Opening the door - UNC's first black professor 3  BLACK FACULTY
09/03/2010UNC seeks upper diversity 1  BLACK FACULTY
12/02/1985Black groups to hold Christmas mixer 1  BLACK FACULTY CAUCUS
11/26/1997Campus groups express outrage about Swain's firing 1  BLACK FACULTY/STAFF CONCERNS
03/25/1980B.A. faculty ration below standard 1  BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION FACULTY (BUSINESS (FACULTY))
03/04/1998NCCU proposes new, high-tech security measures 3  BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION FACULTY (BUSINESS (FACULTY))
11/02/1993Chemical socity honors two UNC professors 3  CHEMISTRY FACULTY
11/14/2003Colleagues mourn chemistry professor 2  CHEMISTRY FACULTY
03/05/1963Chemist James Collman wins $16,000 grant for research 3  CHEMISTRY FACULTY
05/16/1919Prof. Wheeler makes new dyes discover in recent research 1  CHEMISTRY FACULTY
04/02/2004Senior gift becomes a group effort 3  FACULTY EXCELLENCE FUND
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