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09/17/1968Educational Reform Movement Spreads B4  EXPERIMENTAL COLLEGE
...Experimental College Aims At Action-Orieneted Classes B4  EXPERIMENTAL COLLEGE
09/25/1968Experimental College Meet Set: Organization For Fall 1  EXPERIMENTAL COLLEGE
10/01/1968Various Groups Offer Chances For Change 2  EXPERIMENTAL COLLEGE
10/05/1968Deadline For Courses Is Oct. 6 1  EXPERIMENTAL COLLEGE
10/20/1968Registration Begins Tomorrow 1  EXPERIMENTAL COLLEGE
10/22/1968Slowdown In Exp. College A Healthy Sign For UNC 2  EXPERIMENTAL COLLEGE
11/10/1968Experimental College Course To Study Urban Public Policy 1  EXPERIMENTAL COLLEGE
11/22/1968More Credit Courses Projected 1  EXPERIMENTAL COLLEGE
...University Should Grant Credit For EC Courses 2  EXPERIMENTAL COLLEGE
12/06/1968Deadline For Courses Extended: Experimental College May Obtain Accreditation 1  EXPERIMENTAL COLLEGE
02/12/1969Thompson Wants Reforms 1  EXPERIMENTAL COLLEGE
09/12/1967UNC Experimental College To Be Expanded This Year 13  EXPERIMENTAL COLLEGE
09/14/1967Course Ideas Welcomed For Experimental College 7  EXPERIMENTAL COLLEGE
09/20/1967Design Your Courses? 1  EXPERIMENTAL COLLEGE
09/29/1967Experiment College Courses Number Thirty 3  EXPERIMENTAL COLLEGE
10/08/1967Twice As Many Courses In Experimental College 1  EXPERIMENTAL COLLEGE
10/10/1967The Experimental College 2  EXPERIMENTAL COLLEGE
10/11/1967Registration Rate Increases For Experimental Courses 6  EXPERIMENTAL COLLEGE
10/13/1967Experimental College Enrollment Hits 500 2  EXPERIMENTAL COLLEGE
10/25/1967Exp. College Must Grow - Dietz 1  EXPERIMENTAL COLLEGE
10/28/1967Association To Be Formed To Oversee Exp. College 6  EXPERIMENTAL COLLEGE
10/29/1967QPs Sought For Course 1  EXPERIMENTAL COLLEGE
12/05/1967Exp. College Meet Slated Wednesday 1  EXPERIMENTAL COLLEGE
01/31/1968'Improved' College 1  EXPERIMENTAL COLLEGE
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