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07/27/2000Students to Promote Trust, Friendship 3  EXCHANGE STUDENTS
04/13/1994Exchange program gives students chance to work abroad 3  EXCHANGE STUDENTS
02/23/1993Exchange students discover difference between... 6  EXCHANGE STUDENTS
02/24/198912 Soviet students to visit campus. . . 1  EXCHANGE STUDENTS
01/24/1979Germans... push Goetingen-UNC study 3  EXCHANGE STUDENTS
11/13/1959Exchange Student Due Here For Weekend Tour 1  EXCHANGE STUDENTS
12/01/1959Goettingen Scholarships To Go To 2 UNC Students 1  EXCHANGE STUDENTS
09/21/19602nd UNC-Canadian Exchange Trip Set 1  EXCHANGE STUDENTS
11/11/1960Heels Host Students From Toronto U.: Canadians Arrive Today For Weekend; Carolina Will Return Visit In 1961 1  EXCHANGE STUDENTS
11/12/1960Canadians Take Campus By Surprise 1  EXCHANGE STUDENTS
12/09/1960A Letter From Toronto A Canadian Visitor Comments On Carolina and The South 2  EXCHANGE STUDENTS
02/15/1961Brazillian Students Ending Visit At University Today 1  EXCHANGE STUDENTS
12/14/1961German Students Find Beer, Customs Familiar In UNC Exchange Program 1  EXCHANGE STUDENTS
10/10/1967German Exchange Student Attends UNC 3  EXCHANGE STUDENTS
10/04/1962Toronto Exchange Applications Are Available Today 1  EXCHANGE STUDENTS
11/16/1962Toronto Exchange Students Scheduled To Arrive Today 1  EXCHANGE STUDENTS
09/04/2012Exchange students face headaches 1  EXCHANGE STUDENTS
03/24/2008Exchange students adapt to campus life 9  EXCHANGE STUDENTS
10/10/1995Foreign exchange students isolated on 'diverse' campus [letter] 10  FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENTS
08/23/2011Class of 2015 from fewer places 12  FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENTS
11/03/1962UNC pennant being shown in Germany 3  FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENTS
11/16/1962Toronto Exchange Students Scheduled To Arrive Today 1  FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENTS
11/07/1963Exchange Programs 2  FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENTS
11/22/1963Toronto Exchange Starts Here Today 1  FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENTS
12/15/1963Letter: Thanks (Foreign Exchange) 2  FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENTS
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