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03/31/2004CFACT to host speech about environmental movement (letter) 10  ENVIRONMENTALISM
11/16/2004Women speak of coal mining damage 11  ENVIRONMENTALISM
09/28/2010Editorial: Striking the balance - new tree canopy ruling for Chapel Hill 8  ENVIRONMENTALISM
04/21/2011'Green' business comes to town 4  ENVIRONMENTALISM
10/12/2011Schools teach hands-on environmentalism 9  ENVIRONMENTALISM
08/30/2011Ed: Green in all the right ways 8  ENVIRONMENTALISM
11/16/2011Sustainability exhibits showcase UNC's efforts 5  ENVIRONMENTALISM
06/30/2011NC sees rapid growth in renewable energy industry 5  ENVIRONMENTALISM
...Environmental groups warn against legislation 5  ENVIRONMENTALISM
05/12/2011Town to incentivize energy-efficient homes 6  ENVIRONMENTALISM
09/08/2010Grant creates green jobs 1  ENVIRONMENTALISM
07/01/2010UNC Environmental Finance receives $2.2 million 3  ENVIRONMENTALISM
05/20/2010Price of water rises amid conservation 3  ENVIRONMENTALISM
04/28/2010Student is 'Eco-Hero' 6  ENVIRONMENTALISM
04/15/2010Effects of drilling off N.C. coast unclear 3  ENVIRONMENTALISM
03/02/2010Carrboro car care business goes green 7  ENVIRONMENTALISM
02/06/2012Leimenstoll passionate about green ideas 3  ENVIRONMENTALISM
02/10/2012Planned Chapel Hill solar farm would power 1,000 homes 6  ENVIRONMENTALISM
12/01/2009Support for green homes grow 1  ENVIRONMENTALISM
02/20/2012A landfill full of concerns 1  ENVIRONMENTALISM
02/22/2012Landfill will officially close in 2013 1  ENVIRONMENTALISM
03/21/2012Coral reef study shows the effect of global warming 3  ENVIRONMENTALISM
03/20/2012Ed: Coal is a human rights issue 12  ENVIRONMENTALISM
03/26/2012Town Council to consider pros and cons of fracking 1  ENVIRONMENTALISM
03/28/2012Chapel Hill fracking hearing draws crowd 3  ENVIRONMENTALISM
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