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11/12/1993Panel discusses environmental efforts 1  ENVIRONMENTAL EFFORTS, UNC
02/19/2004Union exhibits 'green' benefits 2  ENVIRONMENTAL EFFORTS, UNC
02/14/1970ECOS Meeting Draws Crowd: More Than 300 Attend 1  ENVIRONMENTAL EFFORTS, UNC
08/30/2004A greener campus is good but alternatives are needed (letter) 11  ENVIRONMENTAL EFFORTS, UNC
09/13/2004Increased use of biofuels would help state's economy (letter) 9  ENVIRONMENTAL EFFORTS, UNC
09/20/2004Op.Ed: Ditch the gas-guzzler to walk on Wednesday, car-free day 12  ENVIRONMENTAL EFFORTS, UNC
09/21/2004Editorial: The healthy choice 12  ENVIRONMENTAL EFFORTS, UNC
09/23/2004Locals give up wheels 1  ENVIRONMENTAL EFFORTS, UNC
09/24/2004Car-free day boosts local transit 2  ENVIRONMENTAL EFFORTS, UNC
10/05/2004Classes look into satellite campus plans 5  ENVIRONMENTAL EFFORTS, UNC
10/07/2004SURGE is leading efforts to improve air quality locally (letter) 14  ENVIRONMENTAL EFFORTS, UNC
10/18/2004Groups fit naturally on campus 3  ENVIRONMENTAL EFFORTS, UNC
10/20/2004Coalition gathers to sink fossil fuels 1  ENVIRONMENTAL EFFORTS, UNC
11/08/2004Classes might tackle sustainability 6  ENVIRONMENTAL EFFORTS, UNC
12/06/2004Grants aid renovations 5  ENVIRONMENTAL EFFORTS, UNC
04/11/2011Good to be green 3  ENVIRONMENTAL EFFORTS, UNC
04/20/2011A brief of fresh air: Legal brief prompts energy company's reform 3  ENVIRONMENTAL EFFORTS, UNC
11/15/2011Ed: Green is a smart investment 8  ENVIRONMENTAL EFFORTS, UNC
11/16/2011Sustainability exhibits showcase UNC's efforts 5  ENVIRONMENTAL EFFORTS, UNC
07/01/2010UNC Environmental Finance receives $2.2 million 3  ENVIRONMENTAL EFFORTS, UNC
05/27/2010Eco-Institute installs many new solar panels 3  ENVIRONMENTAL EFFORTS, UNC
04/28/2010Student is 'Eco-Hero' 6  ENVIRONMENTAL EFFORTS, UNC
04/15/2010Effects of drilling off N.C. coast unclear 3  ENVIRONMENTAL EFFORTS, UNC
03/31/2010More woes at research facility 3  ENVIRONMENTAL EFFORTS, UNC
03/17/2010Ed: Dependency theory 12  ENVIRONMENTAL EFFORTS, UNC
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