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11/20/1998BOT Approves Enrollment Plan 1  ENROLLMENT PLAN, UNC
09/24/1998UNC to Update Its Enrollment Plan 1  ENROLLMENT PLAN, UNC
08/26/2003UNC won't outgrow quality 7  ENROLLMENT PLAN, UNC
11/21/2003Letter: Enrollment cap, tuition talks continue to spark hostilities 10  ENROLLMENT PLAN, UNC
11/14/2003Editorial: Weighing Options 8  ENROLLMENT PLAN, UNC
11/12/2003Ducote puts cap proposal on table 1  ENROLLMENT PLAN, UNC
11/13/2003Board won't consider cap 1  ENROLLMENT PLAN, UNC
11/10/2003Op.Ed: Schools, not lawmakers, should decide cap debate 9  ENROLLMENT PLAN, UNC
10/06/2003Out-of-state ceiling may buckle 1  ENROLLMENT PLAN, UNC
10/29/2003Editorial: More on the table 8  ENROLLMENT PLAN, UNC
11/24/2004UNC plans for steady growth 2  ENROLLMENT PLAN, UNC
06/09/2011Enrollment funding model could be altered 2  ENROLLMENT PLAN, UNC
11/28/2011Criteria change leads to less funding 3  ENROLLMENT PLAN, UNC
11/11/1962UNC: Bigger or Better? 2  ENROLLMENT PLAN, UNC
12/02/1962Aycock Defends Enrollment 1  ENROLLMENT PLAN, UNC
12/12/1962Parking problems may grow deeper in coming years 1  ENROLLMENT PLAN, UNC
02/13/1963Chancellor Aycock predicts: Enrollment 12 -13,000 by '70 1  ENROLLMENT PLAN, UNC
02/19/1963Enrollment Down 409 From Fall 1  ENROLLMENT PLAN, UNC
03/27/1963Enrollment Might Climb to 10,000 1  ENROLLMENT PLAN, UNC
10/10/1963Bar The Doors! 1  ENROLLMENT PLAN, UNC
03/17/1964Enrollment At Record 10,415 1  ENROLLMENT PLAN, UNC
04/03/2008Editorial: Too big to handle - enrollment growth can't outstrip University resources 14  ENROLLMENT PLAN, UNC
10/01/2008Enrollment chief faculty concern 1  ENROLLMENT PLAN, UNC