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02/11/1999BOG Lays Out Plan to Handle Enrollment Growth 1  ENROLLMENT, UNC SYSTEM
01/10/2003BOG to focus on enrollment 3  ENROLLMENT, UNC SYSTEM
03/23/1999Projected Enrollment Figures Dip 3  ENROLLMENT, UNC SYSTEM
01/13/1998BOG anticipates student increase in future 1  ENROLLMENT, UNC SYSTEM
09/27/2002System Enrolls 1,000 Too Many 1  ENROLLMENT, UNC SYSTEM
04/18/2002System enrollment, rejections on the rise 1  ENROLLMENT, UNC SYSTEM
08/27/2003Grad schools to sway cap talks 9  ENROLLMENT, UNC SYSTEM
11/12/2003Ducote puts cap proposal on table 1  ENROLLMENT, UNC SYSTEM
10/17/2003Forum to explore mertis of raising UNC enrollment cap (letter) 8  ENROLLMENT, UNC SYSTEM
08/24/2004Cap talks unlikely to restart 8  ENROLLMENT, UNC SYSTEM
10/13/2004BOG hopes legislature will fix growth funding 4  ENROLLMENT, UNC SYSTEM
09/13/1961State Bond Issue Upcoming 1  ENROLLMENT, UNC SYSTEM
...Increases Pose Problems 1  ENROLLMENT, UNC SYSTEM
09/24/1961UNC Total Figures Now 9,082 1  ENROLLMENT, UNC SYSTEM
11/15/2004System seeks cash for enrollment 3  ENROLLMENT, UNC SYSTEM
11/16/2004System growth breaks record 2  ENROLLMENT, UNC SYSTEM
10/02/1962Enrollment Jumps To Highest Point In History: 9,604 1  ENROLLMENT, UNC SYSTEM
11/28/2011Criteria change leads to less funding 3  ENROLLMENT, UNC SYSTEM
04/19/2012NCSU to alter enrollment model, growth 3  ENROLLMENT, UNC SYSTEM
03/27/1963Enrollment Might Climb to 10,000 1  ENROLLMENT, UNC SYSTEM
10/30/2012NC medical schools increase enrollment 3  ENROLLMENT, UNC SYSTEM
10/01/2008Enrollment chief faculty concern 1  ENROLLMENT, UNC SYSTEM