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09/22/19291929 student body represents many states and 8 countries 1  ENROLLMENT, HISTORY
09/25/1929Professional Schools have more than 400 - Law and Medicine 1  ENROLLMENT, HISTORY
10/01/19292615 students here for opening quarter 1  ENROLLMENT, HISTORY
10/17/1929Law School sets new high record 1  ENROLLMENT, HISTORY
10/31/1929742 freshmen represent eighteen states and eighty-eight counties 1  ENROLLMENT, HISTORY
02/12/1963Higher enrollment plus no new space equals 3 man room 1  ENROLLMENT, HISTORY
02/19/1963Enrollment Down 409 From Fall 1  ENROLLMENT, HISTORY
03/27/1963Enrollment Might Climb to 10,000 1  ENROLLMENT, HISTORY
09/26/196310,704! 1  ENROLLMENT, HISTORY
10/10/1963Bar The Doors! 1  ENROLLMENT, HISTORY
01/07/1930Officials expect larger registration for winter 1  ENROLLMENT, HISTORY
03/17/1964Enrollment At Record 10,415 1  ENROLLMENT, HISTORY
01/22/1942UNC Enrollment Jumps To High Mark - 2,943 1  ENROLLMENT, HISTORY
04/03/2008Editorial: Too big to handle - enrollment growth can't outstrip University resources 14  ENROLLMENT, HISTORY
09/16/2008Quality a factor for growth 1  ENROLLMENT, HISTORY
08/07/1942Enrollment Figures Show 5% Decrease in Coeds 1  ENROLLMENT, HISTORY
10/03/1962Enrollment Jumps To Highest Point In History: 9,604 1  ENROLLMENT, HISTORY
10/03/1942Registration totals split one-fourth as Fall enrollment drops in 38 states 1  ENROLLMENT, HISTORY