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11/27/1984Officials address lower numbers of 1  BLACK ENROLLMENT
02/03/1976UNC-CH: black studies, recruitment 1  BLACK ENROLLMENT
11/12/1984UNC below race enrollment goals 1  BLACK ENROLLMENT
11/13/1984Editorial: Desegration push needs gas 6  BLACK ENROLLMENT
11/17/1998Black Enrollment Hits Record High 1  BLACK ENROLLMENT
11/28/1984Banks criticizes integration plan 1  BLACK ENROLLMENT
11/19/1984Black enrollment, faculty hiring down 1  BLACK ENROLLMENT
09/21/1984Percentage of blacks declines again 1  BLACK ENROLLMENT
03/02/2012Graduation rates for black males lag 1  BLACK ENROLLMENT
01/17/2008Black enrollment drops in ranking 1  BLACK ENROLLMENT
08/25/1999Report: U.S. College Enrollment Rising 3  COLLEGE ENROLLMENT
10/08/1979Enrollment drop hurts private schools 1  COLLEGE ENROLLMENT
12/04/2003N.C. residents will pay for change in enrollment cap (letter) 12  COLLEGE ENROLLMENT
11/12/2003Ducote puts cap proposal on table 1  COLLEGE ENROLLMENT
11/10/2003Op.Ed: Schools, not lawmakers, should decide cap debate 9  COLLEGE ENROLLMENT
03/01/2011Older students back in school 3  COLLEGE ENROLLMENT
12/11/1938Enrollment for winter quarter hits 1,500 mark 1  COLLEGE ENROLLMENT
09/22/19291929 student body represents many states and 8 countries 1  COLLEGE ENROLLMENT
11/11/1962UNC: Bigger or Better? 2  COLLEGE ENROLLMENT
03/27/1963Enrollment Might Climb to 10,000 1  COLLEGE ENROLLMENT
03/17/1964Enrollment At Record 10,415 1  COLLEGE ENROLLMENT
10/01/2008Enrollment chief faculty concern 1  COLLEGE ENROLLMENT
08/07/1942Enrollment Figures Show 5% Decrease in Coeds 1  COLLEGE ENROLLMENT
03/17/1997Enrollment planning director named 2  DIRECTOR OF ENROLLMENT PLANNING
09/25/1998BOT Plans for Enrollment Changes 1  ENROLLMENT
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