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09/11/1979Profs now teaching freshmen... 1  ENGLISH DEPARTMENT
02/27/1996Visting Professor Wins Awards for Radio Series 3  ENGLISH DEPARTMENT
09/21/1985Bigger isn't better, English Dept. 3  ENGLISH DEPARTMENT
04/18/1991English, history profs get NHC grants 3  ENGLISH DEPARTMENT
11/20/1985Quantity, quality distinguish English 1  ENGLISH DEPARTMENT
04/01/1991Editorial: Acting book smart 7  ENGLISH DEPARTMENT
01/10/1979160 closed out of English 1 & 2 1  ENGLISH DEPARTMENT
03/04/1991Students fear literary program loss 1  ENGLISH DEPARTMENT
01/14/1976Budget error causes English II confusion 1  ENGLISH DEPARTMENT
04/24/1984Too many grad students accepted 1  ENGLISH DEPARTMENT
05/10/1998Editorial: Credit Where It's Due 14  ENGLISH DEPARTMENT
03/06/1991English students take complaint, dean 1  ENGLISH DEPARTMENT
08/27/1991. . . drops 3 core literature courses 3  ENGLISH DEPARTMENT
04/18/1991Assoc. dean (Lindemann) earns award 3  ENGLISH DEPARTMENT
09/02/1972English I restructured/Ascending spiral 2  ENGLISH DEPARTMENT
03/18/1991English department to drop 40 sections 1  ENGLISH DEPARTMENT
07/02/1992English department instruction at risk, Locke Report 3  ENGLISH DEPARTMENT
02/26/1976Grading shady in English (letter) 6  ENGLISH DEPARTMENT
10/05/1972Harmon gets post (English Dept.) 2  ENGLISH DEPARTMENT
04/26/1993English professor to appeal tenure decision... 1  ENGLISH DEPARTMENT
09/20/1976Kane's fame hides in Greenlaw 4  ENGLISH DEPARTMENT
04/23/1980English dept. fair to athletes(letter) 8  ENGLISH DEPARTMENT
04/02/1999English Department Ready for Computers 3  ENGLISH DEPARTMENT
03/06/1991Article's heading...incorrect (letter) 10  ENGLISH DEPARTMENT
04/22/1993Students criticize English faculty 1  ENGLISH DEPARTMENT
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