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03/04/1997Singers, alumni donate to King memorial fund 2  BRADLEY ROSS KING ENDOWMENT
10/28/1999Faculty, Staff and Students Speak Out on Possible Tuition Increase 15  CALDWELL ENDOWMENT
05/22/1986Alumnus donates $3.5 million, anonymous 1  ENDOWMENT
02/29/2012Persian media collection to grow with new endowment 3  ENDOWMENT
03/26/2012Caroline Creates receives $50,000 as endowment 3  ENDOWMENT
03/27/2012Ed: The wrong tuition solution 10  ENDOWMENT
11/26/2012Ed: Open the fund's books 4  ENDOWMENT
11/28/2012Inside the fund 1  ENDOWMENT
11/29/2012Endowment forum answers disappoint 3  ENDOWMENT
12/03/2012Ed: Hear student concerns 4  ENDOWMENT
05/24/1942Ed: Sustain the Miracle 2  ENDOWMENT
11/10/2014University endowments raise returns 3  ENDOWMENT
04/13/2015Universities weigh value of divesting 1  ENDOWMENT
10/03/1995Federal endowment cuts will affect UNC 3  FEDERAL ENDOWMENT, UNC
09/14/2010Online William Blake archive to expand with new grant 3  FEDERAL ENDOWMENT, UNC
12/03/2009Endowment affects UNC unevenly 3  FEDERAL ENDOWMENT, UNC
01/22/2010N.C. schools apply for federal stimulus money 5  FEDERAL ENDOWMENT, UNC
03/01/1963Federal aid's friends & foes 2  FEDERAL ENDOWMENT, UNC
08/29/2012Funding Yields a Higher Profile 1  FEDERAL ENDOWMENT, UNC
05/24/1942Ed: Sustain the Miracle 2  FEDERAL ENDOWMENT, UNC
01/12/1977UNC to receive $1.1 million 2  POGUE ENDOWMENT
09/14/2010Online William Blake archive to expand with new grant 3  National Endowment for the Humanities
11/24/1929Library is recipient of Peace Conference Diary of David Hunter Miller 1  CARNEGIE PEACE ENDOWMENT