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11/08/2002Employee Forum To Make 2nd Try At Seat on BOT 1  BOT EMPLOYEE FORUM, SEAT FOR STAFF
11/10/1993OpEd: A chance at cooperation 10  EMPLOYEE FORUM
11/11/2002UNC Gives Thanks to Employees 3  EMPLOYEE FORUM
04/12/1998Officials Mull Parking Woes 3  EMPLOYEE FORUM
01/08/1999New Forum Officer to Push Parking 4  EMPLOYEE FORUM
12/06/1993Staff Forum wants spot on Athletic Board 3  EMPLOYEE FORUM
03/07/2003Employees ask for better conditions in adverse weather 7  EMPLOYEE FORUM
12/02/2002UNC Employees Renew Efforts For BOT Input 1  EMPLOYEE FORUM
11/07/1996Vice chancellor addresses Employee Forum 2  EMPLOYEE FORUM
07/06/1995Hooker says UNC must work to improve image 4  EMPLOYEE FORUM
11/14/200111 positions to be cut due to tight budget 3  EMPLOYEE FORUM
06/11/1998Employee Forum rallies behind initiative 3  EMPLOYEE FORUM
07/02/1998Forum passes resolution thanking council 3  EMPLOYEE FORUM
01/10/1997Employee Forum head appointed 3  EMPLOYEE FORUM
02/08/1996Employee Forum Addresses, Questions UNC Winter Weather Policy 3  EMPLOYEE FORUM
11/19/1992Staff concerns focus of employee meeting 3  EMPLOYEE FORUM
01/13/2000Forum still seeks new leader 2  EMPLOYEE FORUM
09/11/2001Campus airs concerns about plan 1  EMPLOYEE FORUM
02/06/1997Spangler addresses Forum 3  EMPLOYEE FORUM
03/05/1998Officials ask UNC employees to lobby for increased wages 3  EMPLOYEE FORUM
06/15/1995Low morale key concern at UNC Employee Forum 2  EMPLOYEE FORUM
06/11/1998Editorial: Helping hand 8  EMPLOYEE FORUM
03/19/2002Employee forum seeks voice on BOT 1  EMPLOYEE FORUM
04/07/2000Editorial: Saying it loud 14  EMPLOYEE FORUM
10/13/1992New forum addresses staff needs 3  EMPLOYEE FORUM
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