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05/02/2000Congress tension heightens 1  ELECTIONS BOARD
04/28/2000Touchy choice heads to congress 1  ELECTIONS BOARD
04/22/1986SBP appoints Lisk to Elections Board 1  ELECTIONS BOARD
05/04/2000Editorial: Grow up, Brad 16  ELECTIONS BOARD
02/17/1992Elections Board rules on complaints. . . 1  ELECTIONS BOARD
02/06/2001Board monitors SBP campaign violations 3  ELECTIONS BOARD
02/14/1974Letchworth quits elections board 1  ELECTIONS BOARD
02/15/2000Election board to tempt voters with bouncy balls 4  ELECTIONS BOARD
02/21/2000Editorial: Ship of fools 10  ELECTIONS BOARD
05/01/2000Miscommunications caused problems [letter] 10  ELECTIONS BOARD
09/07/1973Elections Board nominations made 1  ELECTIONS BOARD
02/19/2001Elections Board calls for CAA Re-election 1  ELECTIONS BOARD
01/19/1984Elections board is non-existent 1  ELECTIONS BOARD
04/17/1986Lillie refused board reappointment 1  ELECTIONS BOARD
05/03/2000Congress to Matthews: Try again 1  ELECTIONS BOARD
03/03/1995Elections board chairwoman: baord is nuetral, competent [letter] 10  ELECTIONS BOARD
02/05/1976CGC rejects Mattox as elections leader 1  ELECTIONS BOARD
04/18/1986Lillie could serve next year 1  ELECTIONS BOARD
...Editorial: Lillie & students deserve.. 10  ELECTIONS BOARD
12/02/1991Congres kills bill naming board leadership 1  ELECTIONS BOARD, UNC
02/26/2001Board cites lack of evidence in CAA controversy 1  ELECTIONS BOARD, UNC
02/18/2002Elections board levies largest fine of season 1  ELECTIONS BOARD, UNC
02/13/1992Bracey denies charges of election chaos 1  ELECTIONS BOARD, UNC
02/06/1992Election Board seems to hand-pick. . .(letter) 6  ELECTIONS BOARD, UNC
08/26/1999Students Show Interest in Elections Board Seats 3  ELECTIONS BOARD, UNC
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