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07/16/1992Defendants unsure about appealing verdict. . . 1  EDWARDS, KEITH
03/27/1992Officials oppose Edwards' decision to drop mediation 1  EDWARDS, KEITH
02/01/1990Hearing will continue, 2 to testify 1  EDWARDS, KEITH
12/10/1990Edwards sends complaints to feds 1  EDWARDS, KEITH
01/10/1995Edwards wins pay,promotion 1  EDWARDS, KEITH
12/05/1997Swain's claim of conspiracy not unique 1  EDWARDS, KEITH
11/05/1991Officer: key black witnesses kept from 3  EDWARDS, KEITH
02/04/1992Administrators agree to address Edward's lawsuit 1  EDWARDS, KEITH
03/16/1992Edwards opts to drop mediation for court 1  EDWARDS, KEITH
11/03/1989Grievance talks falter 1  EDWARDS, KEITH
12/03/1990Hardin to seek settlement with Edwards 1  EDWARDS, KEITH
08/23/1995Edwards last day ends saga 3A  EDWARDS, KEITH
11/30/1990Editorial: High expectations (Edwards) 8  EDWARDS, KEITH
01/23/1990Illness may delay grievance hearing 3  EDWARDS, KEITH
08/30/1991Edwards case dismissed by federal agency 1  EDWARDS, KEITH
06/22/1995Officer perserveres in 8th year of discrimination grievance against university 5a  EDWARDS, KEITH
08/22/1994University Police Officer Given Her Job Back 1B  EDWARDS, KEITH
11/14/1990Editorial: Face the nation (Edwards) 8  EDWARDS, KEITH
07/26/1990UNC's reaction to trial undecided 1  EDWARDS, KEITH
12/04/1989Rally shows backing for Edwards 1  EDWARDS, KEITH
09/10/1990UNC requests dismissal of grievance 1  EDWARDS, KEITH
06/09/1994Police Officer Claims Grievance Process Violates Rights 1  EDWARDS, KEITH
02/28/1990Op.Ed: Honor Keith Edwards... 10  EDWARDS, KEITH
11/09/1989Meeting to reschedule officer's hearing 1  EDWARDS, KEITH
11/30/1990Edwards may file federal complaint 1  EDWARDS, KEITH
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