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02/15/2000Smith, Edwards: Ban college betting 3  EDWARDS, JOHN [SENATOR]
03/01/2000Editorial: Federal Lifesavers 12  EDWARDS, JOHN [SENATOR]
02/24/2000Endorsement ignored official's request 1  EDWARDS, JOHN [SENATOR]
09/11/2001Edwards finds his niche in politics 1  EDWARDS, JOHN [SENATOR]
02/08/2000Edwards hints at his support of plant protesters 1  EDWARDS, JOHN [SENATOR]
02/18/2000Editorial: Don't Bet On It [gambling] 8  EDWARDS, JOHN [SENATOR]
02/28/2000Edwards pushes fire safety bill 1  EDWARDS, JOHN [SENATOR]
02/21/2001Edwards discusses surplus, HMOs at UNC 3  EDWARDS, JOHN [SENATOR]
08/29/2003Democrats getting irked by Edwards' indecision 3  EDWARDS, JOHN [SENATOR]
07/10/2003July 4th Stroll 1  EDWARDS, JOHN [SENATOR]
09/05/2003Editorial: It's Decision time [John Edwards] 10  EDWARDS, JOHN [SENATOR]
09/08/2003Race Breaks open, Edwards says he isn;t running for sentate in 2004 1  EDWARDS, JOHN [SENATOR]
11/12/2003Edwards opposes legacy policies 2  EDWARDS, JOHN [SENATOR]
01/13/2004Help Sen. Edwards election efforts before Iowa primary (letter) 10  EDWARDS, JOHN [SENATOR]
01/20/2004Distance no match for UNC candidate support 5  EDWARDS, JOHN [SENATOR]
10/29/2003Edwards, Gephardt push toward top 1  EDWARDS, JOHN [SENATOR]
01/29/2004Candidate Edwards needs your help in South Carolina (letter) 12  EDWARDS, JOHN [SENATOR]
02/02/2004Students help canvass in S.C. 1  EDWARDS, JOHN [SENATOR]
02/04/2004UNC students stump for Edwards 2  EDWARDS, JOHN [SENATOR]
06/09/2011Town reacts to former US Senator John Edwards' indictment 1  EDWARDS, JOHN [SENATOR]
02/08/2010Edwards case comes home 1  EDWARDS, JOHN [SENATOR]
01/29/2008Editorial: Look homeward John 6  EDWARDS, JOHN [SENATOR]