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10/18/1971N.C. education: confusing issue 1  EDUCATION, N.C.
10/22/1971Composition of central board at issue 3  EDUCATION, N.C.
10/21/1971Higher education battle fought by many 1  EDUCATION, N.C.
02/15/2011Perdue addresses education in State of the State 3  EDUCATION, N.C.
05/20/2010Fight for funding 1  EDUCATION, N.C.
03/01/2012New charter school to be voted on today 1  EDUCATION, N.C.
11/01/1962Ed: Education board needs change 2  EDUCATION, N.C.
03/30/2012Candidates discuss education 3  EDUCATION, N.C.
04/04/2012NC considers funding AP tests 6  EDUCATION, N.C.
12/06/1961Ed: South's Emancipation Proclamation: Education 2  EDUCATION, N.C.
02/08/1963Aycock to tell of UNC plans in talk to students monday 1  EDUCATION, N.C.
04/25/1963Education Bill Is Amended By House 1  EDUCATION, N.C.
01/24/2013Faculty representatives discuss how to meet NC's education needs 4  EDUCATION, N.C.
01/29/2013Ed: NC in need of education governor 10  EDUCATION, N.C.
02/19/2013McCrory touts 3 'E's in address to legislature 1  EDUCATION, N.C.
...Experts discuss improving early education 5  EDUCATION, N.C.
...Ed: What about education? 8  EDUCATION, N.C.
02/25/2013Ed: Dumb luck 4  EDUCATION, N.C.
03/18/2013NC spends less on K-12 students than other states 5  EDUCATION, N.C.
02/12/1964Ed: Aycock On 'The Whole Power Of Education' 2  EDUCATION, N.C.
04/15/2013Ed: Rise of credentialism 4`  EDUCATION, N.C.
08/23/2007Ed: The cost of an education 16  EDUCATION, N.C.
08/24/2007Ed: Children left behind 10  EDUCATION, N.C.
03/25/2014Getting past the headlines 1  EDUCATION, N.C.
02/24/1963Ed: Defense Funds: Adverse Effect On Education 2  EDUCATION, N.C.
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