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04/02/1992Maxim: An Election Year Fable 6  EDITORIAL CARTOONS
11/23/1992Cartoon distorts facts of Middle East (letter) 9  EDITORIAL CARTOONS
11/30/1992Israel catoon was the most disgusting (letter) 8  EDITORIAL CARTOONS
02/08/1993900-number idea smarter than DeGrand knows (letter) 10  EDITORIAL CARTOONS
11/23/1992Israel, Palestinians don't want to be (letter) 9  EDITORIAL CARTOONS
04/01/1992BRUTZMAN: Tastes Great Less Feeling 10  EDITORIAL CARTOONS
11/30/1992Readers should hate the cartoon, not cartoonist (letter) 8  EDITORIAL CARTOONS
08/29/2003No government can be long secure without a formidable opposition 10  EDITORIAL CARTOONS
12/03/2003Coach K 8  EDITORIAL CARTOONS
11/05/2003Editorial Cartoon: Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O'Neal 8  EDITORIAL CARTOONS
09/15/2003Editorial cartoon demeaning to segment of campus population (letter) 9  EDITORIAL CARTOONS
09/16/2003DTH cartoon intent wasn't to bash LGBTQ 8  EDITORIAL CARTOONS
09/26/2003Letter: Editorial cartoon's mocking of language barriers wrong 8  EDITORIAL CARTOONS
01/29/2004Sean May cartoon was disrespectful, meanspirited (letter) 12  EDITORIAL CARTOONS
10/22/2003Editorial Cartoon: Hey. . . I'm just a Flintstone's kid 10  EDITORIAL CARTOONS
10/30/2003Editorial Cartoon: Hey! Why don't you tell us the good news ... Karl Rove 14  EDITORIAL CARTOONS
10/17/2003Editorial Cartoon: Coach Williams receives a warm welcome from the Tar Heel faithful 8  EDITORIAL CARTOONS
10/22/1959Editorial Cartoon 4  EDITORIAL CARTOONS
11/22/1959Everyone Wants Turkey For Thanksgiving! 2  EDITORIAL CARTOONS
12/01/1959Cartoons And Creators 2  EDITORIAL CARTOONS
02/18/1970Editorial Cartoon: UNC Food Service 2  EDITORIAL CARTOONS
02/21/1970Editorial Cartoon: UNC Employees 2  EDITORIAL CARTOONS
02/25/1970Editorial Cartoon: Terrorism 2  EDITORIAL CARTOONS
02/26/1970Editorial Cartoon: Dammit Georges, 50 More Mirages And Only The Third Ball! 2  EDITORIAL CARTOONS
02/27/1970Editorial Cartoon: 2 Year Required "Housing" 2  EDITORIAL CARTOONS
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