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02/03/2000Stripping students Nab tickets 4  DUKE VS UNC [BASKETBALL]
02/04/2000Blue Devils weather late Tar Heel storm 1  DUKE VS UNC [BASKETBALL]
02/05/2004Editorial: Beat Dook 9  DUKE VS UNC [BASKETBALL]
...Op.Ed: Ian Williams' insider's guide to hating Duke 9  DUKE VS UNC [BASKETBALL]
02/07/2012Police prep for possible Wednesday 5  DUKE VS UNC [BASKETBALL]
02/13/2013Mismatch or not, the rivalry resumes 1  DUKE VS UNC [BASKETBALL]
02/08/1942White Phantoms Bow to Strong Blue Devil Quintet, 52-40 1  DUKE VS UNC [BASKETBALL]
02/26/1942White Phantom Cagers In Good Spot To Upset Duke's Powerful Blue Devils 3  DUKE VS UNC [BASKETBALL]
02/27/1942Phantoms Tangle With Red-Hot Dukes Tonight 4  DUKE VS UNC [BASKETBALL]
01/15/2008Ticket scare stresses students 1  DUKE VS UNC [BASKETBALL]
02/17/2014Ed: One seat at a time 4  DUKE VS UNC [BASKETBALL]
02/20/20148 miles, 8 days later 1  DUKE VS UNC [BASKETBALL]
...Town prepares for possibility of UNC win 1  DUKE VS UNC [BASKETBALL]
02/21/2014UNC upsets No. 5 Duke Thursday 74-66 after an 8-day postponement 1  DUKE VS UNC [BASKETBALL]
...Students storm streets after UNC beats Duke 1  DUKE VS UNC [BASKETBALL]
...McDonald lights up the Smith Center 1  DUKE VS UNC [BASKETBALL]
02/10/2009UNC rallies for rivalry win 1  DUKE VS UNC [BASKETBALL]
02/11/2009House of Blues: UNC vs Duke 14  DUKE VS UNC [BASKETBALL]
02/12/2009UNC's senior class gets fourth win at Cameron 14  DUKE VS UNC [BASKETBALL]
02/18/2015A different way of life 1  DUKE VS UNC [BASKETBALL]
...Ed: Behind enemy lines 8  DUKE VS UNC [BASKETBALL]
03/05/2001Blue Devils' confidence leads to redemption 1  DUKE VS UNC, BASKETBALL, 2001
...Duke wins, grabs share of title 1  DUKE VS UNC, BASKETBALL, 2001