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11/09/1992Duke team makes breakthrough in new AIDS treatment 4  AIDS, DUKE UNIVERSITY
04/22/2013HIV/AIDS: Search for the CURE 1  AIDS, DUKE UNIVERSITY
09/19/1991Editorial: Sour grapes motivate complaint 6  DUKE UNIVERSITY
04/09/1992Editorial: WXDU budget cuts slash Duke experience 8  DUKE UNIVERSITY
03/22/1994Editorial: Sharing time with Duke 8  DUKE UNIVERSITY
03/29/2000Universities tackle online voting flaws 4  DUKE UNIVERSITY
10/27/1998Duke University Regulates Cameron Crazies 7  DUKE UNIVERSITY
09/30/1993Repression of expression 12  DUKE UNIVERSITY
02/27/1991Duke official suspended for anti-gay. . . 2  DUKE UNIVERSITY
02/16/2000Duke protesters demand full disclosure 6  DUKE UNIVERSITY
08/26/1998Duke Passes UNC on List of Most Active Colleges 5  DUKE UNIVERSITY
03/05/1975Sanford supports sharing of authority 1  DUKE UNIVERSITY
10/09/1991Duke not guilty (Reverse Discrimination) 9  DUKE UNIVERSITY
02/23/1999Editorial: Bad Neighbors 12  DUKE UNIVERSITY
04/05/1991Duke-UNC Latin Studies win grants 1  DUKE UNIVERSITY
03/03/1975Duke students hold rally for Forestry 1  DUKE UNIVERSITY
09/13/1995Safety is the issue 14  DUKE UNIVERSITY
03/06/1975Response satisfies students 1  DUKE UNIVERSITY
10/15/1996Sexual Harassment suit cost Duke $600,000 1  DUKE UNIVERSITY
09/24/1991Duke admissions policy displays (letter) 6  DUKE UNIVERSITY
11/04/1997Duke University boycotts sweat shops 3  DUKE UNIVERSITY
02/28/1991Editorial: UNC could learn from Duke 8  DUKE UNIVERSITY
10/31/1997Duke implements new alcohol penalties 4  DUKE UNIVERSITY
09/23/1991Duke shouldn't use race as factor (letter) 8  DUKE UNIVERSITY
02/12/1992Panel: Holocaust ad's educational potential lost 3  DUKE UNIVERSITY
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