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04/09/1991Classless Duke team (letter) 8  DUKE BASKETBALL 1991
04/02/1991Jayhawks, uh, Devils take NCAA. . . 1  DUKE BASKETBALL 1991
04/05/1991Duke lost support after. . .(letter) 8  DUKE BASKETBALL 1991
04/03/1991Blue Devils merit more respect (letter) 10  DUKE BASKETBALL 1991
03/16/1992Devils get their ACC prize, Duke 94, UNC 74 1  DUKE BASKETBALL 1992
...Editorial; Dook doesn't have stuff of champions 10  DUKE BASKETBALL 1992
04/01/1992Obnoxious Dookies don't deserve (letter) 10  DUKE BASKETBALL 1992
04/07/1992Yes! Laettner's Duke career finally over. . . 1  DUKE BASKETBALL 1992
04/08/1992Op.Ed: Double Duke titles add to life's confusion 8  DUKE BASKETBALL 1992
04/05/1994Duke's a loser: Arkansas takes 1st title 1  DUKE BASKETBALL TEAM 1994
11/21/1991Voice recording may provide clues to theft 3  DUKE BASKETBALL TROPHIES
11/19/1991Sophomore finds basketbabll stolen from Duke 1  DUKE BASKETBALL TROPHIES
11/18/1991Duke basketball trophies found at UNC 1  DUKE BASKETBALL TROPHIES
04/01/1999To Pump Up Volume, Hold UNC-Duke Game in Carmichael Gym (letter) 14  UNC VS DUKE BASKETBALL
02/05/2004Editorial cartoon: "Dang, that's a big one." 9  UNC VS DUKE BASKETBALL
...Op.Ed: Ian Williams' insider's guide to hating Duke 9  UNC VS DUKE BASKETBALL
02/09/2004Commentary: Fans give rivalry its meaning 12  UNC VS DUKE BASKETBALL
02/10/2011Collapse in Cameron 1  UNC VS DUKE BASKETBALL
03/14/2011Blue Devils 2, Tar Heels 1 1  UNC VS DUKE BASKETBALL
11/08/2011UNC, Duke pros to clash 1  UNC VS DUKE BASKETBALL
02/09/2012Rivers' buzzer beater freezes Smith Center 4  UNC VS DUKE BASKETBALL
02/13/2013Mismatch or not, the rivalry resumes 1  UNC VS DUKE BASKETBALL
02/07/1942Underdog Phantom Quint Meets Duke Tonight 1  UNC VS DUKE BASKETBALL
02/08/1942White Phantoms Bow to Strong Blue Devil Quintet, 52-40 1  UNC VS DUKE BASKETBALL
02/26/1942White Phantom Cagers In Good Spot To Upset Duke's Powerful Blue Devils 3  UNC VS DUKE BASKETBALL
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