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10/01/2004UNC, Duke join forces to aid Mexican youth 2  DUKE-UNC, COOPERATION
10/11/2004Schools to join together for Nov. 6 research conference (letter) 9  DUKE-UNC, COOPERATION
10/05/2010UNC-Duke join for new partnership 4  DUKE-UNC, COOPERATION
11/22/2010Duke-UNC project proposals due today 5  DUKE-UNC, COOPERATION
02/16/2010Collaborative festival fuses technology, art 6  DUKE-UNC, COOPERATION
11/03/1963An Educational Supermaket 1  DUKE-UNC, COOPERATION
03/21/1964Knight, Graham on panel meet 1  DUKE-UNC, COOPERATION
10/04/1941UNC-Duke Leaders Head IRC Forum 1  DUKE-UNC, COOPERATION
03/03/2000How the other half lives 1  DUKE-UNC BASKETBALL, 2000
09/04/1997UNC outreach gets massive HUD grant 1  DUKE/UNC
08/26/1994Campus needs duke rag, bikes, other improvements 10  DUKE/UNC
09/04/2001Ceremony marks start of new bus route 2  DUKE/UNC
10/05/2011Book unites UNC, Duke 7  DUKE/UNC
08/26/2011Safran Foer asks people to think before eating 4  DUKE/UNC
12/10/1938Duke invites Carolina students to go along to Rose Bowl tilt 1  DUKE/UNC
03/23/2012UNC, Duke officers team up 9  DUKE/UNC
10/31/1962Frosh to play in benefit 4  DUKE/UNC
11/17/1962Carolina booters rip Duke's Devils 1-0 4  DUKE/UNC
11/03/1963An Educational Supermaket 1  DUKE/UNC
11/11/1941Scouts Report Duke Powerful But Tar Heels Not Overawed 3  DUKE/UNC
11/14/1941Duke-UNC Rivalry Takes Nation-Wide Significance 1  DUKE/UNC
...Durham Fans Rate Duke Blue Devils Two to Five Goals Better Than UNC 1  DUKE/UNC
...Carolina Football Contenst 4  DUKE/UNC
11/15/1941Outbreaks of Vandalism Reported on Both Campuses 1  DUKE/UNC
11/16/1941Duke's Chances Rise For Rose Bowl Bid 3  DUKE/UNC
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