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09/04/1975Committee refuses DTH fund release 1  DTH (FUNDING)
09/09/1975Editorial: Thanks to supporters 8  DTH (FUNDING)
08/29/1975Funds withheld. . .O'Neal,force small DTH 1  DTH (FUNDING)
09/09/1975DTH unable to print--Technician comes. . . 1  DTH (FUNDING)
09/10/1975Editorial: Postscript--prelude 6  DTH (FUNDING)
02/06/1971DTH refused printing funds 1  DTH (FUNDING)
09/09/1975Strickland explains action (letter) 8  DTH (FUNDING)
10/20/1970Editorial: Financial cuts hurt 6  DTH (FUNDING)
09/09/1975Merchant plans filing injunction. . . 2  DTH (FUNDING)
09/03/1975Examining DTH's balance sheet 10  DTH (FUNDING)
09/10/1975Treasurer releases DTH appropriation 1  DTH (FUNDING)
...Recall move slows after funds release 1  DTH (FUNDING)
08/28/1975O'Neal, Bailey agree on finance 1  DTH (FUNDING)
09/03/1975Pope contests coverage of funds dispute 10  DTH (FUNDING)
08/25/1975Funding lawsuit could be over 5  DTH (FUNDING)
09/09/1975Pope charges unsound business 1  DTH (FUNDING)
09/03/1975Board votes to request release of funds 1  DTH (FUNDING)
09/26/1975Petty conflict undermines media 6  DTH (FUNDING)
09/09/1975CGC to authorize DTH probe 2  DTH (FUNDING)
09/05/1975Editorial: A reasonable solution 1  DTH (FUNDING)
...Fund situation endangers next DTH's 1  DTH (FUNDING)
04/30/1971N.C. Senator wants DTH funding stopped 1  DTH (FUNDING)
09/05/1975Newspaper situation complex 1  DTH (FUNDING)
09/03/1975Funding suit to be appealed 1  DTH (FUNDING)
09/19/1969DTH Student Fund Cutoff Asked 1  DTH (FUNDING)
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