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01/08/2004DTH seeks extra Viewpoints 10  DTH, VIEWPOINTS
01/28/2004Higher price tag 9  DTH, VIEWPOINTS
...Tuition increase bad for UNC 9  DTH, VIEWPOINTS
...Board took its time in its vote 9  DTH, VIEWPOINTS
...With retention in mind, hikes are reasonable 9  DTH, VIEWPOINTS
...BOT decision doesn't fit with UNC-CH ideals 9  DTH, VIEWPOINTS
03/15/2004UNC's liberal bias? 13  DTH, VIEWPOINTS
...Viewpoints cartoon: Liberal bias at UNC 13  DTH, VIEWPOINTS
...Every opinion deserves respect 13  DTH, VIEWPOINTS
...Claim of bias is devoid of merit 13  DTH, VIEWPOINTS
...Students should be capable of critical thought 13  DTH, VIEWPOINTS
...UNC instructors don't support genuine diversity 13  DTH, VIEWPOINTS
04/19/2004Cornelia Spencer 11  DTH, VIEWPOINTS
...Editorial cartoon: Lux libertas...white supremacy 11  DTH, VIEWPOINTS
...History should be open to study 11  DTH, VIEWPOINTS
...Legacy creates need to reflect 11  DTH, VIEWPOINTS
...Spencer should be judged for education effort 11  DTH, VIEWPOINTS
...Debate would reveal truths, not change past 11  DTH, VIEWPOINTS
08/24/2004Op.Ed: Viewpoints will offer multiple perspectives 16  DTH, VIEWPOINTS
08/31/2004UNC's legal trials 11  DTH, VIEWPOINTS
...Leaders wrong to skirt U.S. law 11  DTH, VIEWPOINTS
...Editorial cartoon: UNC under FIRE 11  DTH, VIEWPOINTS
...Legal queries abound in suit 11  DTH, VIEWPOINTS
...Discrimination is central issue, not ideology 11  DTH, VIEWPOINTS
...UNC's action conflicts with court decisions 11  DTH, VIEWPOINTS
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