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01/09/1992Election of DTH editor better than (letter) 8  DTH, EDITOR ELECTION
02/13/1992DTH editor selection aproved along with . . . 1  DTH, EDITOR ELECTION
02/23/1960Jonathan Yardley Enters Race For Tar Heel Editorship 1  DTH, EDITOR ELECTION
04/04/2011Norton chosen to be next editor-in-chief 1  DTH, EDITOR ELECTION
04/07/2010Frier is sole candidate for DTH editor 3  DTH, EDITOR ELECTION
04/02/2012Future DTH editor to focus on improving content 1  DTH, EDITOR ELECTION
03/04/1963Chris Farran announces for DTH editor's race 1  DTH, EDITOR ELECTION
03/10/1963Ed: Editorship Election: Problems And Prospects 2  DTH, EDITOR ELECTION
03/14/1963Lloyd States DTH Not 'Sideline' Job 1  DTH, EDITOR ELECTION
04/02/1963Ed: Tar Heel Editorship Is A Full-Time Job 2  DTH, EDITOR ELECTION
10/01/2008Ed: Editor is more hands-on 10  DTH, EDITOR ELECTION
04/07/2014Jenny Surane selected as editor-in-chief 3  DTH, EDITOR ELECTION
03/01/1960Ed Riner, Tar Heel Co-News Editor Enters Contest For Paper's Top Post: Aims For First-Rate Campus Newspaper 1  DTH EDITOR ELECTION, 1960
03/02/1960Yardley Plugs Changes For Sports Coverage 1  DTH EDITOR ELECTION, 1960
...Riner Lists Ideas To Make DTH Better 1  DTH EDITOR ELECTION, 1960
03/05/1960Riner Cites Small Staff For Sports Page IIIs 1  DTH EDITOR ELECTION, 1960
...Yardley Says Paper Needs More Features 1  DTH EDITOR ELECTION, 1960
03/09/1960Editorial Page, Use Of World News Get Attention Of Aspiring Editors: Riner Asks Balanced Edit Page 1  DTH EDITOR ELECTION, 1960
...Yardley Plugs For News Ratio 1  DTH EDITOR ELECTION, 1960
03/19/1960Editor Candidate Sums Up Paper Objectives 1  DTH EDITOR ELECTION, 1960
03/22/1960SP And UP Square Off Today In Annual Campus Election: Yardley And Riner Are Going For Editor 1  DTH EDITOR ELECTION, 1960
03/24/1960Jonathan Yardley Takes DTH Editorship By 482 Tallies: Overcomes Early Vote For Opponent Riner 1  DTH EDITOR ELECTION, 1960