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01/24/1989Classes: Record number closed 6  DROP-ADD
10/21/1977SG finds prof to present drop plan 1  DROP-ADD
11/16/1978Editorial: Persuasive evidence 8  DROP-ADD
03/15/1979Editorial: Four weeks not enough 8  DROP-ADD
04/26/1976Editorial: Another bungled effort (drop) 8  DROP-ADD
11/17/1987Registrar's letter on Grad fee 8  DROP-ADD
04/15/1977Editorial: Extend drop period to six. . . 6  DROP-ADD
01/23/1989Editorial: Here's a course. . . 8  DROP-ADD
11/20/1970It's Safe To Drop Deferments 8  DROP-ADD
10/28/1987Proposal, buy drop-add system 1  DROP-ADD
09/02/1977Report, debate postponed for one month 1  DROP-ADD
04/13/1976Committee proposes +/-, 4 week drop 1  DROP-ADD
09/21/1978Editorial: Two more weeks 10  DROP-ADD
03/13/1979Longer drop period considered Friday 1  DROP-ADD
10/20/1977Editorial: Drops. . .Faculty Council 6  DROP-ADD
01/10/1979Thieves rob 8 depts. of drop cards 1  DROP-ADD
09/29/1977Editorial: Four weeks is too short 10  DROP-ADD
11/20/1978Committee to consider longer drop 1  DROP-ADD
04/14/1976Students suggest extending drop 1  DROP-ADD
01/18/1977Frivolous dropping decreasing. . . 6  DROP-ADD
01/31/1979Editorial: Turn for the better 6  DROP-ADD
01/16/1979Council hears cases for, against 3  DROP-ADD
04/26/1976Faculty Council cuts drop period 1  DROP-ADD
08/28/1985Editorial: Doomed by drop-add 6  DROP-ADD
08/29/1983Trial system gets negative reviews 8a  DROP-ADD
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