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08/31/2004Attempts to curb underage drinking waste tax money (letter) 12  DRINKING, UNDERAGE
09/20/2004Possession of false ID incurs service, fines 5  DRINKING, UNDERAGE
10/04/2004UNC student charged with DWI, possession early Sunday 3  DRINKING, UNDERAGE
10/07/2004Two UNC students cited for use of false identification 3  DRINKING, UNDERAGE
10/11/2004Man resists arrest, charged with underage possession 3  DRINKING, UNDERAGE
10/18/2004Group fights illegal drinking 6  DRINKING, UNDERAGE
10/26/20043 UNC students cited for underage alcohol possession 3  DRINKING, UNDERAGE
10/29/2004Lowering the drinking age would be healthy way to go (letter) 8  DRINKING, UNDERAGE
11/04/2004Op.Ed: UNC students aren't setting good example for local kids 14  DRINKING, UNDERAGE
11/04/2011Halloween raises drinking concerns 1  DRINKING, UNDERAGE
09/03/2011Ed: Notify responsibly 10  DRINKING, UNDERAGE
08/24/2010Bernholz breaks down the law 10  DRINKING, UNDERAGE
01/26/2010Police actions violated the Constitution, judge rules 1  DRINKING, UNDERAGE
11/29/2012The pregame gamble 1  DRINKING, UNDERAGE
01/15/2008Legal fallout for underage drinkers 7  DRINKING, UNDERAGE
12/04/2007New drink law in effect 1  DRINKING, UNDERAGE
08/21/2008UNC doesn't join calls to lower drinking age 1  DRINKING, UNDERAGE
04/11/2014Police issue citations to bartenders 1  DRINKING, UNDERAGE
04/16/2014He's Not no longer allowing under-21s 1  DRINKING, UNDERAGE
01/29/2009Ed: Stop 'shoulder taps' 12  DRINKING, UNDERAGE
09/04/2014State cracks down on drinking 1  DRINKING, UNDERAGE