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03/03/1989Dorrance takes new title 9  DORRANCE, ANSON
03/02/1989Dorrance resigns men's soccer post 1  DORRANCE, ANSON
10/22/2001Op.Ed: Looking at Dorrance off field 12  DORRANCE, ANSON
08/26/1998Former Players Sue Dorrance, UNC 1  DORRANCE, ANSON
11/21/2002Dorrance Lawsuit Moves Forward 1  DORRANCE, ANSON
10/22/2001Coach's philosophy, talent define career 1  DORRANCE, ANSON
08/26/1998Team Rallies To Battle Accusations 1  DORRANCE, ANSON
08/28/1998Letters Reveal UNC Knew of Complaints 1  DORRANCE, ANSON
11/14/1980Dorrance: an intense, competive coach 5  DORRANCE, ANSON
10/20/1998Attorneys Eye Shift In Venue 1  DORRANCE, ANSON
04/14/1992Dorrance. . .effort to put women's soccer in Olympics 1  DORRANCE, ANSON
02/15/1999UNC Soccer Commits Violation 12  DORRANCE, ANSON
08/21/2001Dorrance trial at standstill 1b  DORRANCE, ANSON
09/07/1973Anson's final year(Soccer All-American) 7  DORRANCE, ANSON
10/22/2001Players enjoy, take lessons from Dorrance's 500th win 12  DORRANCE, ANSON
09/03/1992They could win it with theri hands tied behind. . . 5  DORRANCE, ANSON
01/07/2003National titles only part of UNC soccer dynasty 12  DORRANCE, ANSON
08/18/1999Keller's Lawyer Amends Lawsuit Against UNC's Dorrance 1B  DORRANCE, ANSON
10/06/1997UNC barrage nets No. 400 for Dorrance 16  DORRANCE, ANSON
08/30/1976Dorrance to take reins as soccer coach 13  DORRANCE, ANSON
10/22/2001Dorrance captures 500th victory 1  DORRANCE, ANSON
08/31/1998Players Speak Highly of Dorrance's Coaching Style 1  DORRANCE, ANSON
09/06/1977Dorrance says coaching change. . .minor 7  DORRANCE, ANSON
11/13/1991Anson's story only regins with statistics 1  DORRANCE, ANSON
01/20/1988Dorrance naMed top men's soccer coach 8  DORRANCE, ANSON
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