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02/13/1975Co-ed guidlines considered/Morrison 1  CO-ED DORMITORIES
08/30/1990Different environment attracts...dorms 8b  CO-ED DORMITORIES
03/04/1975'23 'Tar Heel' fights co-ed dorm 4  CO-ED DORMITORIES
02/11/1970Morrison Goes Co-ed 1  CO-ED DORMITORIES
02/24/1968Coed Dorms 'Good Thing' For Schools 1  CO-ED DORMITORIES
03/21/2011Push to engender change 11  CO-ED DORMITORIES
02/13/1963Most colleges opposed to Co-ed dormitory partying 2  CO-ED DORMITORIES
09/28/2001Residence halls to stay open during fall break 4  DORMITORIES
04/04/2003Residence hall entrances studied 3  DORMITORIES
06/27/1991Dorms help students meet others, explore. . . 1b  DORMITORIES
10/14/1997Editorial: Don't hold the door 14  DORMITORIES
04/22/1992Housing reports rise in returnees to resident halls 3  DORMITORIES
10/10/2001Op.Ed: Making dorms feel more like a community 8  DORMITORIES
11/10/2003Editorial: Hot and bothered 9  DORMITORIES
11/07/200310 dorms boil in hot weather 3  DORMITORIES
11/26/2003RHA confident in smoking proposal 3  DORMITORIES
03/04/1960Advisors Sought For Next Year 1  DORMITORIES
12/16/1960New Dorm Plans Announced Six Story 'X' Building Will Cost $3,633,000, House 1,300 1  DORMITORIES
10/04/1967Whatever Happened To Dorms? 2  DORMITORIES
11/11/1967Travis---'Dorm Decisions Should Include Students' 4  DORMITORIES
10/26/1962Improvement committee eyes dorm libraries 1  DORMITORIES
12/11/1962Women visitors in male rooms Di-Phi Topoc 1  DORMITORIES
12/14/1962Di-Phi censures Buckley 1  DORMITORIES
11/15/1929Reader's Opinions: A Call for dormitory reform 2  DORMITORIES
03/01/1963Students oppose three-man rooms favor new Union 3  DORMITORIES
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