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03/27/1998Contributing to the Cause 1  ALUMNI DONATION
04/06/2004$100K gift boosts Morehead funds 3  ALUMNI DONATION
04/08/2004Editorial: Timely donation 12  ALUMNI DONATION
03/25/2011Program changes could cause alumni backlash 13  ALUMNI DONATION
08/24/2011Alumni lend art to Carolina Collects 7  ALUMNI DONATION
11/15/2011Ed: Late night with Rams Club 8  ALUMNI DONATION
09/10/2010Ed: Keep on giving 12  ALUMNI DONATION
02/22/2012Tag Day focuses on private giving to urge students to donate 3  ALUMNI DONATION
10/02/1929Leslie Weil is head of council 2  ALUMNI DONATION
...Editorial: the Alumni to the rescue 2  ALUMNI DONATION
03/20/2012Ed: No reason to stop giving 12  ALUMNI DONATION
03/26/2012UNC pharmacy school receives $2.5 million 3  ALUMNI DONATION
04/03/2012Ed: The University needs your money 8  ALUMNI DONATION
04/09/2012Ed: Broadening our idea of 'giving back' 6  ALUMNI DONATION
04/11/2012UNC to receive $10 million for the School of Medicine and the Ackland museum 3  ALUMNI DONATION
04/13/2012Alumnus makes $10 million donation to UNC 3  ALUMNI DONATION
04/19/2012Ed: Give back, pay it forward 10  ALUMNI DONATION
07/05/2012Katherine R. Everett Trust donates to School of Law 3  ALUMNI DONATION
10/09/2007UNC disputes athletic donation trend 1  ALUMNI DONATION
11/26/2013Private foundation donations may raise questions for universities nationwide 1  ALUMNI DONATION
07/03/2014Education school receives $3 million donation 3  ALUMNI DONATION
11/14/2014University-wide spike in major gifts 1  ALUMNI DONATION
12/03/2014Donations continue after scandal report 1  ALUMNI DONATION
11/21/2003UNC gets piece of music history 1  DONATION
02/12/2004Aid program gets Williams' support 1  DONATION
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