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04/14/1995Consultants, residents on smae track 1  DEVELOPMENT, CHAPEL HILL
01/29/2002Council Brings Development to Standstill 1  DEVELOPMENT, CHAPEL HILL
01/31/2002Developers respond to resolution 1  DEVELOPMENT, CHAPEL HILL
02/06/2002Officials: development pause will not impact students 3  DEVELOPMENT, CHAPEL HILL
02/11/2002Council to debate development requests 1  DEVELOPMENT, CHAPEL HILL
01/16/2004Op.Ed: Gentrification is threat to town's history, accessibility 8  DEVELOPMENT, CHAPEL HILL
04/13/2011Development planned on Rosemary / Shortbread Lofts 3  DEVELOPMENT, CHAPEL HILL
04/12/2011Mixed-use loft project detailed 3  DEVELOPMENT, CHAPEL HILL
06/17/2010Ed: The Courtyard revival 10  DEVELOPMENT, CHAPEL HILL
01/13/2012Old buildings must go for new school 1  DEVELOPMENT, CHAPEL HILL
01/19/2012Plans for new student housing move forward 1  DEVELOPMENT, CHAPEL HILL
02/23/2010Downtown sees lower business vacancy rates 9  DEVELOPMENT, CHAPEL HILL
02/27/2012Development sees opposition: The Retreat 4  DEVELOPMENT, CHAPEL HILL
04/24/2012Proposed development raises concern 3  DEVELOPMENT, CHAPEL HILL
09/19/2012Council to discuss development plan 3  DEVELOPMENT, CHAPEL HILL
11/13/2012Details missing from University Square plan 7  DEVELOPMENT, CHAPEL HILL
11/20/2012Town development approval process triples length of peers 1  DEVELOPMENT, CHAPEL HILL
01/23/2012140 West finishing up 1  DEVELOPMENT, CHAPEL HILL
02/05/2013Developer reaches out to residents 3  DEVELOPMENT, CHAPEL HILL
09/10/2008Ed: Sustaining social equity 10  DEVELOPMENT, CHAPEL HILL