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03/23/1978Officials: state may increase funding 1  DESEGREGATION, UNC
01/25/1974Officials explain secret talks 1  DESEGREGATION, UNC
08/29/1977UNC not in danger losing $100 million 1  DESEGREGATION, UNC
02/06/1979Chancellors' HEW visit blasted 2  DESEGREGATION, UNC
03/19/1974Desegregation plan set 1  DESEGREGATION, UNC
01/16/1981Friday blamed for dispute (desegration) 1  DESEGREGATION, UNC
03/14/1979Helms bid proposes to curb HEW control 1  DESEGREGATION, UNC
04/23/1979UNC to file suit to block HEW fund cut 1  DESEGREGATION, UNC
12/01/1978Editorial: In the balance 8  DESEGREGATION, UNC
06/14/1979UNC vs HEW: Judges decision prevents. . . 3  DESEGREGATION, UNC
11/16/1979Panelists: integration not all good 1  DESEGREGATION, UNC
08/25/1977Governors criticize HEW rules. . . 1  DESEGREGATION, UNC
02/01/1978Editorial: HEW wrong, but UNC's. . . 6  DESEGREGATION, UNC
08/26/1980Desegregation hearing begins 1  DESEGREGATION, UNC
04/25/1979BOG files suit to block funds cut 1  DESEGREGATION, UNC
03/23/1979Hunt, Johnson blast UNC compromise 1  DESEGREGATION, UNC
01/18/1980Students to meet HEW officials 1  DESEGREGATION, UNC
03/28/1979UNC biding its time; notice unfiled 1  DESEGREGATION, UNC
04/17/1974Action rally off; William pledges aid 1  DESEGREGATION, UNC
06/21/1979Renwick reviews faculty report 1  DESEGREGATION, UNC
07/14/1977UNC negotiates desegregation with HEW 3  DESEGREGATION, UNC
03/19/1979Op.Ed HEW/UNC conflict. . .student action 8  DESEGREGATION, UNC
03/30/1981Editorial: Poor showing 6  DESEGREGATION, UNC
03/01/1979BSM takes heart in protesting. . . 1  DESEGREGATION, UNC
09/21/1981Editorial: Friday's Sunday 8  DESEGREGATION, UNC
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