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10/16/2002Campus Opinions on Iraq Diverge; Both Sides Vocal 2  MIDDLE EAST DEBATES, UNC
09/26/2002Academics Attack Iraq Policy 1  MIDDLE EAST DEBATES, UNC
11/29/2007Peace plan sparks talk 1  MIDDLE EAST DEBATES, UNC
12/11/1968Lipsitz, Dow Representative Debate Tonight 1  DEBATES, UNC
...Dow, Lipsitz Match Minds In Debate On Morality 2  DEBATES, UNC
09/24/2004Superintendent hopefuls debate teacher pay, sex ed 3  DEBATES, UNC
09/30/2004Campus politicos face off in debate 3  DEBATES, UNC
10/21/2004Campus groups face off 3  DEBATES, UNC
...Abortion panels don't budge 9  DEBATES, UNC
11/12/2004Campus groups to host debate over health care 5  DEBATES, UNC
11/30/1895Inter-Collegiate Debates (communicated) 1  DEBATES, UNC
11/30/1962Debate team faces Oxford; Topic is governments role 1  DEBATES, UNC
12/09/1962UNC team meets Oxford debaters here tomorrow 1  DEBATES, UNC
01/09/1963UNC debaters tie for tops in ACC meet 3  DEBATES, UNC
10/25/1963UNC To Host Debaters Today 1  DEBATES, UNC
04/11/1919Extensive Forensic [debating] activities planned 1  DEBATES, UNC
02/04/1964UNC Debate Team Takes 11th Place 1  DEBATES, UNC
10/03/1941Ed: Reorganization For Debate Council 2  DEBATES, UNC
01/24/1942Tar Heel-Quaker Squads Meet in Debate Battle 1  DEBATES, UNC
05/09/1942$400 Debate Scholarship Established 1  DEBATES, UNC
04/26/1930Debate by air held last night at station WPFT 1  DEBATES, UNC
...Editorial: Radio Debating comes into its own 2  DEBATES, UNC
04/29/1930Editorial: the future of debating 2  DEBATES, UNC
02/17/2014Powell, Vicente to debate tonight 1  DEBATES, UNC
02/10/2015Silent Sam up for debate 3  DEBATES, UNC