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09/27/1894Foster Utley 1  DEATHS ON CAMPUS
11/14/2003Colleagues mourn chemistry professor 2  DEATHS ON CAMPUS
02/24/1895William Henry Green, Jr. 2  DEATHS ON CAMPUS
09/20/1959Heart attack kills hostess of Smith Dorm 1  DEATHS ON CAMPUS
09/22/1959Heart Attack Kills Hostess of Smith Dorm 1  DEATHS ON CAMPUS
11/04/1969Student Dies In Boat Accident 1  DEATHS ON CAMPUS
11/05/1969Rites Set Today For 3 Students 1  DEATHS ON CAMPUS
12/02/1969Student Dies In Car Crash 1  DEATHS ON CAMPUS
01/08/1970Dr. Lucia Morgan Dies At Age 59 1  DEATHS ON CAMPUS
11/10/1959UNC Coed, Companion Killed In Collision, 6 Others Hurt 1  DEATHS ON CAMPUS
01/06/1997Freshman dies after jumping from balcony 3  DEATHS ON CAMPUS
02/25/2004Kirkpatrick, 64, poet, mentor 1  DEATHS ON CAMPUS
12/01/1959UNC Student Dies, 2 Hurt In Auto Wrecks 1  DEATHS ON CAMPUS
12/05/1959Editor Davis B. Young Is Murdered: Action Started As Part Of Annual Mock Trial 1  DEATHS ON CAMPUS
02/26/2004Taylor, 83, UNC chancellor 1  DEATHS ON CAMPUS
03/15/2004Yarbrough, 58, law professor 3  DEATHS ON CAMPUS
03/16/2004Yarbrough's passing is great loss to University, Campus Y (letter) 10  DEATHS ON CAMPUS
03/30/2004Obler, 62, instructor, mentor 1  DEATHS ON CAMPUS
09/24/1968Charles Bernard: The Students Were His Family 1  DEATHS ON CAMPUS
05/13/2004UNC student takes own life on campus 1  DEATHS ON CAMPUS
12/03/1968Death Ruled Suicide 1  DEATHS ON CAMPUS
12/14/1968Former DTH Writer Drowned In Vietnam 1  DEATHS ON CAMPUS
10/11/2004Govan, 78, librarian emeritus 4  DEATHS ON CAMPUS
10/06/1961Former Student Found Dead: In Apartment 3  DEATHS ON CAMPUS
10/07/1961Two Boys Found Dead In Cobb: Coroner Orders Autopsy 1  DEATHS ON CAMPUS
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