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04/11/1994Op Ed: deaths close to home force reflections on life 10  DEATHS AT UNC
11/16/1993Comparative Literature professor dies at age 88 3  DEATHS AT UNC
10/20/1997UNC kidney researcher dies during Fall Break 3  DEATHS AT UNC
02/02/1973Viral pneumonia kills grad (Munzo) 1  DEATHS AT UNC
05/23/1996Friends, Family remember loved ones 1  DEATHS AT UNC
05/25/1995Former chancellor Sitterson dies after battling Parkinson's 1  DEATHS AT UNC
06/23/1994Medical School Mourns Death of Rising Third-Year Student 3A  DEATHS AT UNC
09/06/1996Enabling the disabled 3  DEATHS AT UNC
02/20/2003Student dies after fall from Granville Towers 1  DEATHS AT UNC
03/03/2003OpEd: Deaths should inspire review of University's Counseling Services 11  DEATHS AT UNC
10/04/1970Dr. Adams Noted For Dry Wit 1  DEATHS AT UNC
09/10/1980UNC freshman dies in climbing accident 3  DEATHS AT UNC
01/28/1994Gunshot kills ASU student at fraternity party 1  DEATHS AT UNC
08/05/1982UNC undergrad found dead at home 9a  DEATHS AT UNC
03/14/1995Former alumni secretary dies at 91 3  DEATHS AT UNC
01/22/1992Editorial: AIDS: Hitting close to home 8  DEATHS AT UNC
10/29/1986Exemplary UNC jr. dies in car crash 1  DEATHS AT UNC
11/30/1981UNC student dies after surgery at Duke 2  DEATHS AT UNC
09/01/1985Police led to body after deal struck 1  DEATHS AT UNC
10/24/19962suicides not related, UNC counselors say 1  DEATHS AT UNC
08/19/1996Friends, Family remember 5 lives cut short by tragedy 1  DEATHS AT UNC
10/10/1983Three UNC students die in car accident 1  DEATHS AT UNC
08/25/1980Everhart service planned 9a  DEATHS AT UNC
04/08/1980Funeral services held for UNC student 3  DEATHS AT UNC
09/21/1972Arnold's death brought protest, reform 1  DEATHS AT UNC
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