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07/12/2012Student killed in climbing accident 1  DEATH, STUDENT
09/10/2012Student found dead in apartment 1  DEATH, STUDENT
09/12/2012Records sealed in Hedgepeth homicide 1  DEATH, STUDENT
10/11/2012Friends mourn loss of student Trevor Dolan 1  DEATH, STUDENT
10/30/2012'Good guy with a big heart' 1  DEATH, STUDENT
10/31/2012Ed: An open investigation 8  DEATH, STUDENT
11/15/2012Reward upped in student slaying 1  DEATH, STUDENT
11/19/2012Hedgepeth warrant sealed another 45 days 1  DEATH, STUDENT
12/05/2012Demand for grief counseling services spikes 8  DEATH, STUDENT
...Still no answers in Hedgepeth killing 6  DEATH, STUDENT
...Few answers for Shannon 6  DEATH, STUDENT
10/13/1963Auto Crash Kills Robertson Albright 1  DEATH, STUDENT
...Ed: The Tragic Death Of Robertson Albright 2  DEATH, STUDENT
10/16/1963Charges Brought Against Martin 1  DEATH, STUDENT
02/25/2013Junior remembered as happy, loyal 1  DEATH, STUDENT
03/25/2013Keeping the Faith: Native American tribes gather to honor Faith Hedgepeth 3  DEATH, STUDENT
04/17/1964Policeman's Bullet Is Fatal To UNC Student At Myrtle 1  DEATH, STUDENT
06/20/2013Nan remembered for thoughtfulness 1  DEATH, STUDENT
...Crabtree led a life full of character 1  DEATH, STUDENT
10/07/1941Launch Burns, Sloan Drowns 1  DEATH, STUDENT
10/29/1941Ed: Or Sunday Death 2  DEATH, STUDENT
08/29/2013Student, mother remembered 1  DEATH, STUDENT
09/18/2013Hazing still a possibility in Shannon death 1  DEATH, STUDENT
...Former UNC student dies in shooting 1  DEATH, STUDENT
08/18/2007UNC student dies in Union County accident 3  DEATH, STUDENT
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