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10/17/1995Review committee to evaluate two school deans, IOG head 3  DEANS, UNC
09/17/1997SILS dean to step down, focus on research 1  DEANS, UNC
04/15/1998Economics professor chosen for dean's post 3  DEANS, UNC
04/11/1994Medical school dean search narrowed to 1 1  DEANS, UNC
11/13/1981Appointment a complicated procedure 4  DEANS, UNC
09/18/2003Forums offer criteria for new dean 3  DEANS, UNC
01/16/2004Forum to spotlight dean candidate 3  DEANS, UNC
01/20/2004Forum to present 3rd dean hopeful 3  DEANS, UNC
01/21/2004Latest forum will feature Soloway 3  DEANS, UNC
01/22/2004Samulski strives for dean position 3  DEANS, UNC
01/23/2004Forums conclude with Gray-Little 3  DEANS, UNC
02/13/2004Gray-Little tapped for A&S dean 1  DEANS, UNC
02/04/1961The New Dean Of Student Affairs: Unquestionably The Best Man 2  DEANS, UNC
02/17/1961Two Deans Merge In One Position Starting July 1 1  DEANS, UNC
01/10/1969Ingram Resigns As UNC Grad Dean 1  DEANS, UNC
09/19/1961South Building Turn 4  DEANS, UNC
...Dean Sitterson Holds Down Two Major Campus Posts 5  DEANS, UNC
10/06/1961Dean Heard Named By JFK To Election Finance Committee 1  DEANS, UNC
09/20/1967Editorial: Closed-Door Decisions Bad For The University 2  DEANS, UNC
11/12/1938Spruill speaks To Frosh On Courtesy and Good Manners 1  DEANS, UNC
10/11/2010Folkerts to step down as journalism dean 1  DEANS, UNC
05/19/2011Journalism dean search expands to four candidates 3  DEANS, UNC
01/25/1930Thumbnail Sketch of Clarence Addison Hibbard 1  DEANS, UNC
03/25/1930Editorial: The death of Dean Royster 2  DEANS, UNC
01/17/2008Dean finalist [Education} to visit campus 3  DEANS, UNC
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