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01/09/2001Davis Ready for Broader Clientele 1  DAVIS LIBRARY
03/28/1986UNC awaits engineers word on. . .base 1  DAVIS LIBRARY
11/21/1997Laptop Internet access possible in 3 libraries by fall semester 5  DAVIS LIBRARY
01/26/1995Don't trust Davis circulation 12  DAVIS LIBRARY
04/11/1984Noise a problem: Use twice Wilson's 1  DAVIS LIBRARY
08/24/1981New library to be named for BOG member 1a  DAVIS LIBRARY
03/05/1998Technology to help access, mobility in UNC's libraries 3  DAVIS LIBRARY
10/03/1991Banner removed from library, returned 3  DAVIS LIBRARY
11/21/1997Harassment complaints concerns administrators, Davis employee 3  DAVIS LIBRARY
10/06/1997New Davis Library entry created to assist disabled 5  DAVIS LIBRARY
11/03/1993Seniors choose library computer fund as gift 3  DAVIS LIBRARY
11/06/1986Davis Library repair work nearly done 2  DAVIS LIBRARY
03/04/1986Settling base damages library 1  DAVIS LIBRARY
04/17/1995Cuts would reduce libraries' serials, staff 3  DAVIS LIBRARY
02/23/1984Editorial: The Davis deal 10  DAVIS LIBRARY
06/26/1997Technology upgrades in Davis' future 3  DAVIS LIBRARY
05/01/2001Libraries up safety for exams 3  DAVIS LIBRARY
11/20/2001UNC library to remove document 1  DAVIS LIBRARY
04/08/1986Davis' east floor must be removed 1  DAVIS LIBRARY
11/14/1986Library eases subject-finding (On-line) 3  DAVIS LIBRARY
10/24/1991Davis library will spend $490,000 for books 3  DAVIS LIBRARY
03/29/1999Faculty Forks Over Funds For Academic Programs 5  DAVIS LIBRARY
02/02/1984Library workers. . .will miss Wilson's. . . 1  DAVIS LIBRARY
09/22/1986Repair work at Davis Library 4  DAVIS LIBRARY
01/11/1994Vandalism of books in Davis shows disrepect for others 8  DAVIS LIBRARY
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