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09/20/2010Editorial: Should he stay or should he go? Butch Davis 8  DAVIS, BUTCH
10/01/2010'Bad decisions' mount during review former coach Blake no stranger to NCAA infractions 1  DAVIS, BUTCH
...'Bad decisions' . . .Davis will keep his job, officials say 1  DAVIS, BUTCH
10/04/2010Editorial: Davis should go - when this football season comes to an end 6  DAVIS, BUTCH
10/05/2010Davis apologizes for trusting Blake 1  DAVIS, BUTCH
...Davis came to UNC to win, not uphold integrity (letter) 1  DAVIS, BUTCH
...Davis not to blame for actions of players, coaches (letter) 14  DAVIS, BUTCH
10/06/2010Media outlets have been too quick to judge Davis (letter) 8  DAVIS, BUTCH
10/12/2010Editorial: Double standard? comparing academic and sports sanctions 8  DAVIS, BUTCH
05/26/2011Editorial: Davis draws line [McAdoo] 10  DAVIS, BUTCH
10/24/2011Ed: Time to take responsibility: Davis 8  DAVIS, BUTCH
10/19/2011New findings in NCAA investigation surface 1  DAVIS, BUTCH
08/23/2011Ed: Damage control gone wrong 8  DAVIS, BUTCH
08/23/2012Davis to release phone records 1  DAVIS, BUTCH
09/14/2012An outside review will cost the University more than $70,000 1  DAVIS, BUTCH
08/31/2007UNC starts Davis era against JMU 5  DAVIS, BUTCH
09/12/2007Davis pushes focus to next test 6  DAVIS, BUTCH
11/26/2007Davis, UNC agree to pay raise 1  DAVIS, BUTCH
11/28/2007Ed: Too much too soon 10  DAVIS, BUTCH
07/03/2014The NCAA, a criminal investigation and one last probe are searching for the root of the problem 1  DAVIS, BUTCH
10/31/2014Discrepancies in statements 3  DAVIS, BUTCH