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02/27/2002UNC Women's Center director praises Daum, supports her platform [Letter] 8  DAUM, JEN
10/04/2002Officials Seek Student Views in Sessions 3  DAUM, JEN
04/03/2002Finances factor into race for office 5  DAUM, JEN
...Students step into new positions 1  DAUM, JEN
02/26/2002Past student leaders support Daum and point out flaws in criticism [Letter] 10  DAUM, JEN
04/02/2002Stepping up [Editorial] 10  DAUM, JEN
02/25/2002OpEd: Daum faces a year of hardship as she confronts the BOT, BOG 9  DAUM, JEN
10/08/2002Open Access 8  DAUM, JEN
04/08/2002Daum taps cabinet, forms 2 committees 1  DAUM, JEN
11/12/2002Possible Tuition Increases A Highly Complex Issue Involving Diverse Factors 10  DAUM, JEN
02/04/2002Student body president platforms 9  DAUM, JEN
03/18/2002Leaders seek solid cabinet candidates 3  DAUM, JEN
02/19/2002Daum, McKinney sound off in final forum before election 1  DAUM, JEN
02/18/2002DTH to host debate for SBP candidates tonight 1  DAUM, JEN
03/08/2002Daum to develop course to teach lobbying skills 2  DAUM, JEN
02/19/2002Candidates use last day to campaign 1  DAUM, JEN
02/18/2002Experts discuss feasibility of candidates' platforms 1  DAUM, JEN
02/21/2002SBP-Elect sets in motion preliminary plans for term 1  DAUM, JEN
08/23/2002Selling Students Short 10  DAUM, JEN
03/25/2002SBP-elect taps new officers 1  DAUM, JEN
02/06/2002Campaign rule violation complaint is false alarm 2  DAUM, JEN
03/01/2002Newspaper's portrayal of Jen Daum, election incompetent, biased [Letter] 8  DAUM, JEN
02/27/2002Daum seeks cabinet applicants 1  DAUM, JEN
09/06/2002Daum Picks Date For Special Election 3  DAUM, JEN
10/01/2002Daum's Absence From Council Hearing About Ordinance Excusable 8  DAUM, JEN
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