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04/09/1986Mock trial examines date rape. . . 1  DATE RAPE
05/29/1986Acquaintance rape topic of prevention 3  DATE RAPE
02/28/1996Court to Decide if Jury Will Hear Former Student's Rape Interview 1  DATE RAPE
02/24/1989Editorial: Fighting against date rape 10  DATE RAPE
02/27/1989Date rape may be. . .student code offense 1  DATE RAPE
08/31/1982Date rapes common, reports few 1  DATE RAPE
02/29/1996Opening Arguments Heard in Date Rape Trial 1  DATE RAPE
11/09/1992Student charged with rape claims he is not guilty 1  DATE RAPE
11/17/1992DA revises guidelines for rape prosecutions 1  DATE RAPE
11/11/1992Printing accused's name imples guilt (letter) 8  DATE RAPE
10/03/1996Roofies growing on campuses 1  DATE RAPE
10/07/1996Editorial: [Clear and present danger] 10  DATE RAPE
10/04/1995Date rape increasing problems at UNC 2  DATE RAPE
11/20/1997Curbing the offense 1  DATE RAPE
08/24/1992UNC community works to help victims, dating violence 6b  DATE RAPE
02/13/1987Speaker decries marital, date rape 1  DATE RAPE
03/06/1989Op.Ed: Court qualified. . .confront rape 11  DATE RAPE
03/09/1989Court members question amendment 1  DATE RAPE
11/19/1997Excellent date rape coverage brings serious issue to light (letter) 12  DATE RAPE
03/20/1989Op.Ed: Proposal favors student courts. . . 11  DATE RAPE
11/18/1997Legal consequences 1  DATE RAPE
11/17/1997He was a very nice guy 1  DATE RAPE
10/24/1996Service project warns about dangers of rape 3  DATE RAPE
07/09/1992DA Carl Fox studies date rape laws 1  DATE RAPE
04/05/1988Communicate to combat date rape 10  DATE RAPE
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