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10/26/1994Ordinance still being assessed 3  CRIME, CHAPEL HILL
09/26/1991Crime task force responds to NAACP 1  CRIME, CHAPEL HILL
01/30/1992Police catch driver who fled accident 3  CRIME, CHAPEL HILL
05/26/1994Jogger's Death Propelled Local Gun Control Debate 1  CRIME, CHAPEL HILL
07/29/1993D.A. sto seek death for Simpson (Jogging Murder) 1  CRIME, CHAPEL HILL
09/08/1994Bank is target of another armed heist 1  CRIME, CHAPEL HILL
02/24/1994Editorial: True crime 14  CRIME, CHAPEL HILL
12/06/1993Police busy with incidents involving drugs, larcenies 1  CRIME, CHAPEL HILL
05/26/1994Simpson Convicted of Lesser Charge 1  CRIME, CHAPEL HILL
01/27/19952 shot dead on henderson st. 1  CRIME, CHAPEL HILL
10/15/1993Council candidate doubts effectiveness of unarmed guards 1  CRIME, CHAPEL HILL
09/15/1994Man fatally shot at restaurant 1  CRIME, CHAPEL HILL
10/06/1994Sheriff's department captures $1.2 Million worth of marijuana 1  CRIME, CHAPEL HILL
10/02/1990Teens...random Franklin St. attacks 1  CRIME, CHAPEL HILL
04/20/1993Police suspect gangs in Sunday shootings 1  CRIME, CHAPEL HILL
04/17/20022 students robbed at gunpoint near UNC 1  CRIME, CHAPEL HILL
10/08/1993Editorial: Hiring extra hands 10  CRIME, CHAPEL HILL
04/04/1995Police chase down man suspected of cab rip-off 1  CRIME, CHAPEL HILL
09/29/1993Council hopeful asks for more police 1  CRIME, CHAPEL HILL
07/24/1997Editorial: Time to cool off 8  CRIME, CHAPEL HILL
06/01/1995Violent crimes declines in Chapel Hill for 1994 1  CRIME, CHAPEL HILL
02/17/1992Recent break-ins may be connected . . . 3  CRIME, CHAPEL HILL
09/19/1994Lewis makes first court appearance 1  CRIME, CHAPEL HILL
10/21/1994Two teens shot early Thursday 1  CRIME, CHAPEL HILL
01/26/1994Local companies boost Town Security Fund 1  CRIME, CHAPEL HILL
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