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02/02/2011On safety, candidates pledge improvement 1  COOPER, MARY
...Ed: Why not Cooper 8  COOPER, MARY
02/28/2011Ed: The Interview: After a bitterly won election 6  COOPER, MARY
02/24/2011The lowdown on the election 12  COOPER, MARY
...Runoff candidates stick to issues at forum 10  COOPER, MARY
02/21/2011SBP candidates pledge a drama-free runoff 1  COOPER, MARY
...Ed: A fresh final week 4  COOPER, MARY
03/01/2011A Ed: A fairer funding process 8  COOPER, MARY
03/28/2011No SBP among Cooper officers 3  COOPER, MARY
04/06/2011Fewer but newer faces take government reigns 1  COOPER, MARY
04/26/2011Ed: Think local, act vocal 12  COOPER, MARY
04/20/2011Cooper group to lobby state 3  COOPER, MARY
04/08/2011Editorial: Runing start on tuition 12  COOPER, MARY
06/16/2011Students representd at Chapel Hill Town Council (letter) 8  COOPER, MARY
06/02/2011Cooper lobbies for smaller cuts 1  COOPER, MARY
07/14/2011One foot(print) at a time - SBP Mary Cooper 8  COOPER, MARY
07/07/2011Board of Elections has a new chairwoman at last 8  COOPER, MARY
10/27/2011CCI and flat-rate taxi projects incomplete 3  COOPER, MARY
11/02/2011Cooper's tug of war 1  COOPER, MARY
10/31/2011Cooper to support tuition hikes 1  COOPER, MARY
11/04/2011Cooper seeks input on tuition 1  COOPER, MARY
...OP.Ed: Make your voice heard 10  COOPER, MARY
10/13/2011Cooper asks for flat-rate taxis 3  COOPER, MARY
10/07/2011Cooper asks for help on flat-rate taxi 1  COOPER, MARY
09/27/2011Student enrichment fund website to launch Oct. 1 3  COOPER, MARY
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