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03/04/1997Editorial: [Last look] 10  CONSTRUCTION, UNC
02/20/2002Officials back hospital construction audit 3  CONSTRUCTION, UNC
05/04/2000University to dig into renovation plans 11  CONSTRUCTION, UNC
02/26/1993Construction on Coker-Bell Tower site...(letter) 8  CONSTRUCTION, UNC
06/05/1997Kenan construction on time; work rolls on in other areas 1  CONSTRUCTION, UNC
08/28/2001Editorial: Avoiding the catch-up game 10  CONSTRUCTION, UNC
10/18/1976Repairs receive priority 1  CONSTRUCTION, UNC
02/29/2000UNC officials pitch plea for capital improvements 1  CONSTRUCTION, UNC
11/26/2002Original Union to Be Closed for Renovations 3  CONSTRUCTION, UNC
09/25/1997Repair work makes brick paths safer 3  CONSTRUCTION, UNC
06/04/1998Extra work might delay hall opening 1  CONSTRUCTION, UNC
07/27/1995Pit to remain in chaos until end of August 2  CONSTRUCTION, UNC
06/03/1999Library to Postpone Renovations 3  CONSTRUCTION, UNC
11/04/1993Bond approval spurs plans for campus construction 3  CONSTRUCTION, UNC
04/08/1998Most of UNC's major building projects to finish by fall 1  CONSTRUCTION, UNC
01/31/1992Construction 85 percent finished on Alumni Center 3  CONSTRUCTION, UNC
10/19/1988Officials emphasizes need construction 1  CONSTRUCTION, UNC
10/31/2001Plan to construct 41 new buildings 3  CONSTRUCTION, UNC
04/26/2002Nursing school breaks ground 1  CONSTRUCTION, UNC
01/09/1998Workers making progress on Lenoir construction 3  CONSTRUCTION, UNC
09/09/1994Construction requests include new student stores addition 1  CONSTRUCTION, UNC
12/02/1997Construction on plant awaits special permit 3  CONSTRUCTION, UNC
07/23/1992Administrators still lobbying for UNC bond issue 3  CONSTRUCTION, UNC
03/01/2002Memorial Hall delays face-lift 3  CONSTRUCTION, UNC
10/01/2002Residence Halls to Be Updated 3  CONSTRUCTION, UNC
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