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12/05/1994Ed:Pray for an effective congress 12  CONGRESS
08/26/2003Teaching bill echoes N.C. act 21  CONGRESS
07/10/2003Congress keeps busy by doling out funding 4  CONGRESS
09/26/2003Congress eyes relief for tobacco farmers 3  CONGRESS
02/26/2004N. C. legislators briefed by BOG on key concerns 3  CONGRESS
02/27/2004Lobbying trip boosts system goals 3  CONGRESS
09/26/2011Legislators reconsider Teaching Fellows 6  CONGRESS
10/03/1941Congress May Alter Draft Act 1  CONGRESS
09/12/2007Testimony highlights progress 1  CONGRESS
09/14/2007Ed: Pay it forward 10  CONGRESS
12/05/2007Redistricting suit may halt elections 1  CONGRESS
09/23/20082 bills would open up voting 1  CONGRESS
...Ed: On the record 8  CONGRESS
09/24/2008Congress adds transparency 3  CONGRESS
10/11/1962Congress OKs 100 Million For Purchase Of UN Bonds 1  CONGRESS
02/03/1997SBP candidates decide not to chalk sidewalks 3  CONGRESS ELECTIONS, 1997
...Campus groups plan SBP-candidate forums 3  CONGRESS ELECTIONS, 1997
01/23/1991Aldermen refuse...sanctuary idea 3  STUDENT CONGRESS FINANCE COMMITTEE (SCFE)
07/10/2003Congress keeps busy by doling out funding 4  STUDENT CONGRESS FINANCE COMMITTEE (SCFE)
11/19/2003Group unfairly targeted in freezing of speaker money (letter) 10  STUDENT CONGRESS FINANCE COMMITTEE (SCFE)
11/20/2003Holding groups accountable role of student government 14  STUDENT CONGRESS FINANCE COMMITTEE (SCFE)
09/08/2004Panel allots $7,000 for Keyes talk 1  STUDENT CONGRESS FINANCE COMMITTEE (SCFE)
09/22/2004Congress officials approve payouts 1  STUDENT CONGRESS FINANCE COMMITTEE (SCFE)
10/28/2004Committee mulls changes to Code 2  STUDENT CONGRESS FINANCE COMMITTEE (SCFE)
11/04/20044 groups likely to receive funding 3  STUDENT CONGRESS FINANCE COMMITTEE (SCFE)
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